Bugisu Region Leaders to Meet Inzu Ya Masaba Chief Ahead of Imbalu Ceremony


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Maluku, Mbale: The Local Council V (LCV) chairmen and Members of Parliament from the Bugisu region are scheduled to meet with His Royal Highness Jude Mike Mudoma, the Inzu Ya Masaba cultural leader.

The meeting will take place on Tuesday, June 4, 2024, at the Inzu Ya Masaba cultural offices in Maluku, as confirmed by the institution’s spokesperson, Mr. Steven Masiga.

The purpose of the meeting, organized by Umukuka Jude Mike Mudoma, is to brief the Members of Parliament and LCV chairmen, who are key stakeholders, on a series of programs that the Inzu Ya Masaba is currently undertaking. This includes an update on the highly anticipated Imbalu ceremony, a traditional circumcision rite of passage, slated for August 3rd.

Mr. Steven Masiga disclosed that approximately 25 Members of Parliament and about seven district chairmen, including the Mbale City Mayor, are expected to attend the meeting. The gathering will commence at 9 AM at the Inzu Ya Masaba offices.

The Umukuka will also take this opportunity to recognize the local governments for their crucial roles in supporting the cultural institution. This includes providing necessary policy support and financial assistance.

Mr. Masiga emphasized that cultural institutions, such as the Inzu Ya Masaba, thrive through the blessings and backing of local governments, as mandated by law.

The meeting underscores the importance of collaboration between cultural leaders and government officials in promoting and preserving cultural heritage.

The upcoming Imbalu ceremony is a significant event for the Bagisu community, and the support from local leaders is essential for its successful execution. The discussions are expected to foster greater unity and cooperation in the lead-up to the Imbalu ceremony and beyond.

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