TradeMark Africa, Foundation for Civil Society Launch TZS 2.3B Sustainable Trade Project in Tanzania


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The Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) and TradeMark Africa have today sealed a grant agreement to launch a project dubbed Private Sector and CSOs for Inclusive and Greening Trade that will drive sustainable economic growth and inclusive trade practices, addressing the significant systemic challenges in Tanzania’s trade sector.

Funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), Ireland, and Norway, the TZS 2.3 billion ($ 900,000), the project seeks to integrate the strengths of private sectors and civil society organisations to promote green economic growth.

Many women in Tanzania, remain in the informal trading sector facing top barriers such as limited access to finance, and inadequate training in trade-related skills. This initiative aims to dismantle these barriers, creating an inclusive trading environment that fosters prosperity for all.

The project, which starts immediately, is designed to leverage the unique strengths of the private sector alongside civil society organisations to enhance inclusive and environmentally sustainable trade practices. Over the next 18 months, FCS will implement strategic interventions across multiple trade sectors, focusing on reducing environmental impact and promoting inclusivity in economic benefits.

Speaking during the signing ceremony, TMA Tanzania Country Director Mr Elibariki Shammy said, “This project is central to our strategic objectives to stimulate trade growth while ensuring that it’s sustainable and inclusive. We believe that through strategic collaborations like this, we can make a significant impact on Tanzania’s trade landscape. Empowering women is not just a moral imperative but a developmental one. Integrating women into trade boosts economic diversity and lifts entire communities. Through this partnership, we aim to develop an inclusive and robust trade ecosystem to withstand the pressures of global trade demands.

FCS Executive Director Mr Justice Rutenge expressed enthusiasm about the project’s potential. ” Consumer protection is crucial in today’s global market. Our collaboration with TMA is a monumental step towards establishing fair and green trade practices in Tanzania. We are dedicated to ensuring that the benefits of trade expansion are shared by all, particularly the most vulnerable sectors of our society,” he said.

Mr Rutenge also disclosed that FCS would leverage the unique roles of CSOs and the private sector to address pressing issues of environmental degradation and social inequality.

The initiative also aims to create a trade environment that is inclusive and sustainable by increasing trade opportunities for marginalised groups, collaborating with civil society organisations to address their needs, promoting environmentally friendly trade practices, and enhancing consumer protection. TMA will support marginalised communities through smart agriculture practices and market readiness programmes, contributing to their sustainable trade growth. Moreover, by advocating for sustainable trade practices, the project seeks to improve trade resilience to climate change, thereby contributing to the long-term viability of Tanzania’s economy and environmental sustainability.

The project also includes the development of innovative digital technologies such as e-learning platforms for smart-agriculture practices, enhancing market readiness, and the global competitiveness of Tanzanian products.

This collaboration represents a model of how public-private partnerships can effectively address systemic challenges in emerging markets, creating pathways for more inclusive and sustainable trade practices.

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