God Save President Museveni from the Corrupt, Hypocrites & Thugs – Chief Muzzukulu Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo, Top Clergy Pray


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The Senior Presidential advisor & Personal Assistant Office of the NRM National Chairman Kyambogo & National Coordinator, Bazzukulu Ms Hadijah Uzeiye Namyalo hosted her office staff, NRM party mobilizers, local leaders and religious leaders to an end-of-year luncheon and prayers to thank God for the year 2022.

The end-of-year prayer event that took place on December 31, 2022, was attended by Kampala Minister Hajat Minsa Kabanda, RDCs, Deputy RDCs, NRM mobilization groups from various districts, and a group of top clergies from several religious denominations who joined hands to thank God for the life and wisdom given to Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to steer the country and keeping the mighty ruling NRM party in power.

The prayers were led by Bp Ian Gumisiriza of Kanungu-based Glory Ministries International, followed by Sheikh Gugwa, Rev. Capt. Olegu Jasper of Kyambogo Chaplaincy and Hajjat Namyalo closed the prayer with a powerful message to hypocrites and thugs.

Bp Ian Gumisiriza was first on the podium and thanked God for keeping the congregation alive in spite of the fact that 2022 had challenges like COVID-19 and Ebola.

Bishop Gumisiriza urged Christians to forget the past and only use it for shaping and focusing on the future. He called on the government to invest in the youth, saying they have the potential to transform the country.

In his closing prayer, he thanked God for guiding, protecting and giving President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni wisdom to continue steering.

In addition, Uganda’s deputy ambassador to Saudi Arabia Sheikh Gugwa dismissed the claim that President Museveni is against Muslims.
“There’s talk that Museveni is against Muslims. That’s a lie. He loves Muslims. Who told you, hopeless people? A person who made a whole Sheikh a deputy ambassador and appointed a Hajat to head ONC. God bless Museveni. Bless him in the government he leads, open for him the gates and bless him to lead Uganda until God decides otherwise. God, you’re the one who anoints. You anointed Museveni, you anointed Uzeiye, bless them” he prayed.

The motor-mouthed Muslim cleric, however, expressed fear that the internal squabbles and an emerging group that is pushing the First Son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba for Presidency are sharply tearing away and dividing the NRM party.

“That issue has divided us. You need to handle it carefully. If we’re on Main, people should be told that we’re on Main. For us, we’re still with Museveni. Otherwise, we’re facing questions from the public on which way people should go. We need to hear a voice from up. If we’re on Main, people should be told so” he said amid rib-breaking laughter by the congregation.

Rev. Capt. Olegu Jasper of Kyambogo Chaplaincy was there and prayed for peace and good health for the president and Uzeiye and her team.

Hajjat Namyalo who is also the Special Presidential Advisor and Personal Assistant to the president accompanied by her staff were the last to say her special prayer of protection upon president Museveni and saving him from thieves, and mafias around him who have stolen very available government money in their reach, traitors, back-stabbers trying to choose a-heir when he (Museveni) is still alive.

Uzeiye on her knees informed guests that jajja Museveni is also wondering why his Bazzukulu continue to languish in poverty when he has sent billions of money under PDM to help them.

She prayed to God to save the President from such thugs, hypocrites and traitors.

Here is a transcription of part of her prayer

“Ya Allah it’s you who said that let there be Gen Yoweri Tibuhaburwa and created him very different from all of us. It’s not that he is the wealthiest in the world, you anointed him from where you got him from and gave him power and ability to fight and liberate this country for us as Bazukullu was born during his time to see light”

“Dear God, I request you to help us and put extra-ordinary protection upon His Excellence Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Give him more good visions and open his eyes for him to see all the thieves who have left the Bazukullu in abject poverty”

“Help us Allah and protect him from all those near him fighting to block others from accessing him to prevent him from knowing the truth. Help us Yarabbi, I know they are going to fight us because even all your prophets you chose to serve you on earth were fought”.

“Yarabbi, it’s you who helped him to remember and identify us. I pray God closes their eyes whenever they try to destroy us the Bazzukulu and fight those government projects and programs we are trying hard to put right.

“Those fighting hard to derail him, trying to choose his heir before he dies, Yarrabi help us. It’s you with authority to create man and again destroy him. It’s you who gives favour although it can be delayed by those who don’t wish well for others, we pray you destroy them.”

“Throw them away very far as you threw away measles such that they may not be able to block jajja from working for his Bazzukulu and that they may no longer be able to hinder the development of our country”.

“Help us and fight land grabbers, those tormenting fishermen on lakes, they are the ones destroying the legacy and the name of president Museveni. Help us show Jajja light to enable him to see these thieves from far”

“Help us God and enable the Bazzukulu also to get jobs and money like others. Others are keeping billions and billions of money but for us, we don’t see such billions, is it meant for the chosen few”

Hajjat Uzeiye also prayed for blessings and open doors for the Bazukulu in the year 2023 and called them to join the Jajja Tova Ku Main campaign aimed at garnering support for President Museveni ahead of the 2026 presidential elections.

The event was crowned with the cutting of a cake and award of accolades to the best performing employees of ONC.

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