Meet the Man Who Lived & Died Without Knowing What a Woman Looked Like


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Mihailo Tolotos, born in 1856, faced an unusual fate from birth. His mother passed away mere hours after he was born, leaving him with no family to care for him.

Found abandoned at the doorstep of a monastery on Mount Athos, Tolotos was taken in by compassionate monks.

Growing up within the walls of this secluded monastery, Tolotos lived a life largely isolated from the outside world.

The monastery strictly prohibited the presence of women, with even tourists limited to men seeking to understand or join the monastic lifestyle.

This strict adherence to tradition meant that Tolotos never laid eyes on a woman throughout his entire existence.

He spent his days immersed in the routines and teachings of the monastery, shielded from the sights and experiences that most people take for granted.

Despite the passing years, Tolotos remained within the monastery’s confines, untouched by the changes and advancements of the world beyond.

He lived a quiet, contemplative life, devoted to his faith and the practices of the monks around him.

In 1938, at the age of 82, Tolotos breathed his last breath, having lived a life devoid of the sight of a woman. His story echoes the unique circumstances and sacrifices made in pursuit of spiritual devotion and the traditions of the monastery on Mount Athos.

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