Inside the 2024 Sustainable Kayoola EVS Electric Buses


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Ugandan transportation took a step towards a greener future with the launch of the 2024 Kayoola EVS, an electric bus by Kiira Motors Corporation.

Unveiling a fleet of eight 8-meter buses, Kiira Motors showcased its commitment to sustainable transportation solutions within Africa.

The inaugural journey, a 236-kilometre trip from Luwero to Kawempe, across the Northern Bypass with a brief stopover at the Kisaasi roundabout, before continuing to Bweyogerere and finally reaching Jinja.

Prof. Sandy Stevens Tickodri-Togboa, Executive Chairman of Kiira Motors, expressed pride in the company’s contribution to Uganda’s advancements in eco-friendly transportation solutions.

“We’re proud to be contributing to Uganda’s push towards becoming a net source of e-Mobility Solutions in Africa,” he stated. The launch comes just after World Environment Day, underscoring the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

The buses were driven from the assembly plant in Luwero to the Kiira Motors plant in Jinja

The buses were driven from the assembly plant in Luwero to the Kiira Motors plant in Jinja

Prof. Tickodri-Togboa highlighted the urgent need for sustainable transportation solutions, particularly in Kampala, where air pollution poses a significant health risk. He emphasised, “Following World Environment Day, we are reminded that more Ugandan public and private sector players need to embrace environmentally sustainable means of mass transit for the good of the environment, with solutions like the Kiira Motors portfolio of products.”

In addition to its environmental benefits, the 2024 8-Meter Kayoola EVS is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern urban transportation.

The bus boasts a range of 200 kilometres per charge, can accommodate 56 passengers, and is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities including infotainment systems, CCTV cameras, and Wi-Fi. This combination of efficiency, passenger comfort, and technological integration sets the Kayoola EVS apart as a leading model in the urban transit market.

The busses at the Kiira Motors plant in Jinja

Kiira Motors is also taking steps to support the infrastructure needed for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles in Uganda.

Eng. Ian John Kavuma, Kiira Motors’ Quality Inspection and Testing Manager, discussed the company’s strategy for enhancing electric vehicle use in the country. “We are in the process of onboarding several partners with whom we shall work to ensure that a robust charging network is established across the country in line with the National E-Mobility Strategy for a seamless electric vehicle ownership experience,” he explained.

The 2024 Kayoola EVS model is available in various lengths and capacities, offering flexible solutions tailored to different urban transportation needs. This versatility ensures that Kiira Motors can cater to a wide range of public and private transport requirements, promoting a broader shift towards sustainable urban mobility.

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