Tesla to Contact EU Brokers so Shareholders Can Vote in 2024 General Meeting


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Elon Musk stated that Tesla will contact banks and brokers in Europe so European TSLA shareholders can vote in the upcoming 2024 Annual Shareholders Meeting. 

Tesla’s 2024 Annual Stockholders Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 13, 2024, at 3:30 PM CT.  Last weekend, Tesla supporter Alexandra Merz posted on X that some TSLA shareholders, representing 2,000,000 shares, could not vote on the General Meetings proposals through their proxies. 

Elon Musk saw Merz’s post, replying: “This is concerning. Tesla will reach out to these banks/brokers. Shareholders have the right to vote their shares!”

At least two online brokers in the EU have responded to Elon Musk’s concerns and are actively finding ways to enable TSLA shareholders to vote during Tesla’s 2024 Annual Stockholder Meeting. Avanza and Nordnet noticed that interest in Tesla’s general meetings has increased. Nordnet has a total of 65,000 customers who own Tesla shares. Meanwhile, Avanaza has a total of 84,000 TSLA shareholders under its care.

Avanza and Nordnet explained that their customers cannot participate in foreign general meetings because the shares are trustee-registered and not listed under the customers’ names. 

“Ahead of this meeting, we have noticed a lot of pressure from our customers, so we are currently working on a solution for our customers to be able to vote,” said Johan Tidestad, Nordnet’s Head of Communications.

“We plan to send out information to affected customers during the afternoon,” said Sofia Svavar, Avanza’s Communications Manager.

Tesla’s 2024 Annual Shareholders Meeting has a few critical proposals. This year, TSLA shareholders will vote on two director nominees, James Murdoch and Kimbal Musk. They will also vote to ratify Elon Musk’s 100% performance-based stock options from 2018. Plus, TSLA shareholders will decide on Tesla’s domestication from Delaware to Texas

Check out all the proposals TSLA Shareholders will vote on during Tesla’s 2024 Annual Shareholders Meeting.

Tesla 2024 Annual Shareholders Meeting Proposals by Maria Merano 

Credit: Teslarati

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