Man Missing for 26 Years Found Alive In Neighbor’s House, Claims Captor Cast Spell To Prevent Escape


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An Algerian man named Omar who had been missing for 26 years has been found in a shocking discovery at his neighbor’s house, putting an end to a long-standing mystery that had haunted his family for decades.

Omar B, who disappeared at the tender age of 19 during the tumultuous Algerian Civil War in 1998, had vanished without a trace. His family, stricken with grief and despair, had long assumed the worst—that Omar had been either kidnapped or killed amidst the chaos and violence that characterized that era.

The unexpected resolution to this tragic story came when Omar, now 45 years old, was found hidden amid haystacks just 200 meters from his family home in the city of Djelfa. The proximity of his captivity added a painful twist to the story, highlighting that Omar had been so close yet so far from his loved ones all these years.

Algerian media have reported that Omar revealed a bizarre and horrifying detail about his prolonged captivity. According to him, he had been unable to call out for help or escape because his captor had cast a spell on him, rendering him helpless. This claim, steeped in the supernatural, has added an eerie dimension to an already disturbing case, raising questions about the mental and emotional manipulation he endured during his years of confinement.

The discovery of Omar B has not only brought relief and closure to his family but has also sparked a wave of astonishment and curiosity across Algeria, as people grapple with the bizarre circumstances of his disappearance and eventual discovery.

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