11 Dangerous Hotspots Known for Prostitutes in Kampala


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The practice of prostitution has been present for centuries and is a cause for concern in Uganda.

Despite being illegal and heavily stigmatized, sex workers in Kampala operate openly throughout the day and night, particularly in urban areas.

These individuals, often dressed provocatively, position themselves strategically near or next to hotel entrances, showcasing their bodies to attract male clients.

It is important to note that engaging in prostitution can result in a prison sentence of up to seven years, as stated in Uganda’s 1950 Penal Code.

At this moment, many of them are looking from left to right and fore in order not to miss any chance of a man passing by.

They also battle it out should a man stop. Nice words and soft touches are key elements one uses to win that particular man. The other option is a fee to be paid, the investigations reveal.

Another interesting thing is that they very well know who wants a short [quickie] or long hour session, and once they detect, they call on you with a “killer smile”.

Here are some of the dangerous places occupied by prostitutes in Kampala;

1. Katonga road

2. Shimoni Road and along the Tanzanian embassy

3. Speke Road

4. William Street

5. Kimombasa in Bwaise

6. Auto Spa Munyonyo

7. Makindye (Mubarak Zone)

8. De Comrades (Kansanga Soya)

9. Katanga (Makerere)

10. Dancers Club Makindye

11. Mabiito Street (Nateete)

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