Allegations of Mismanagement and Corruption Surface Against EAC Secretary-General


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Allegations of potential mismanagement and corruption within the East African Community (EAC) Secretariat have emerged, targeting EAC Secretary General, Dr. Peter Mathuki. The allegations have been outlined in a recent petition submitted by a whistleblower to the Council of Ministers responsible for overseeing EAC affairs.

According to the petition, Mathuki’s leadership allegedly involves mishandling the Community’s resources and dominating its operations without adherence to established governing instruments. The allegations question the application of Financial Rules and Regulations, Procurement Manuals, Human Resources Manual, and Staff Rules and Regulations.

Primary Allegations:

The focus of the allegations revolves around the management of funds designated for peace initiatives in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The petitioner asserts that the USD 500,000 Peace Fund allocated for this initiative has been misappropriated, prompting calls for an investigation by the Partner States’ Anti-Corruption agencies.

Furthermore, allegations have emerged concerning the disappearance of funds from the Republic of South Sudan, alongside unaccounted Chinese Fund amounts totaling around USD 200,000. These allegations also involve certain individuals connected to the EAC’s financial oversight.

HR Practices and Tensions:

Additional concerns center on Dr. Mathuki’s influence on human resources practices within the Community. Staff members reportedly question the legitimacy of recruitment efforts, citing unprocedural appointments and practices.

These HR-related allegations have led to tensions among Community members, as they raise questions about adherence to established procedures and equitable practices.

Call for Council of Ministers’ Intervention:

The petitioner urges the Council of Ministers to intervene and address the situation promptly. The aim is to prevent potential embarrassment to the EAC and ensure that proper checks and balances are upheld within the organization.

Dr. Mathuki has not yet responded to inquiries regarding the allegations, and the situation remains a topic of concern within the East African Community.

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