OP-ED: Open Opinion To Hon Iddi Isabirye: Musoga Eyetebwa Busoga Elwo Buwangwa Bwaife Nga Abasoga


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By Kalulu Kasalawo

Jinja: To all gallant sons and daughters of Busoga, today I will address my issues towards leadership of objectivity. Having a Busoga with leaders who collectively move like termites to shape the well being of society and with a design to promote, protect and breed the moral value indoctrination in society to have a generation that suits us all.

My point in question is about peace and reconciliation steered by Mama Rt. Hon. Rebeca Alitwala Kadaga, Rt Hon Lumumba Justin and Hon Salaam Proscovia Salaam Musumba. These top Busoga leaders chose to push for this initiative as a way of fixing the challenge of lack of a well championed guided direction of society, a society that seeks to help the regime realize it’s programs for social economic transformation to eliminate poverty in Busoga, fighting illiteracy, diseases . Now when shall we have leaders in Busoga with conviction to preserve our moral values and interests of tackling our issues as ‘Abasoga‘ if we continue importing other people to come in our land to fight wars against our own?

The issue of Rt Hon Anita Among the speaker of parliament needs to be handled with delicacy, we should just let her know that she is our sister in-law married to a son of Busoga our brother (Sister In-law is a tittle worthy to Rt Hon AAA but not Mama Busoga) and Hon Magogo should kindly help rectify this because as Busoga we have mothers who gave birth to us . As a Musoga, I can never have two mothers I know I have one in this land but I will never import or buy one from another land.

If we continue with this mentality as Busoga, trust me we are continuing to prove that we don’t know our identity as Busoga and we shall be ourselves demeaning our position to stand in our own issues that concern us Abasoga.

In this case I can say if we are for the conquest of mama Busoga politically, we still have one existing Icon so far Mama wa Busoga original RAK the first deputy prime minister whose legacy is undisputed as regards Busoga political rankings .


Whoever is promoting Rt Hon AAA as mama Busoga is doing NRM regime another big blow in the subregion, this is going to create more divisions with the ruling NRM party in the subregion and if Busoga is still healing from wounds of NUP wave in the concluded elections, we are yet to see another racket of NRM poor performance in Busoga come next general elections.

I convey my sincere appeal to Hon Magogo that plz we love Hon AAA as a speaker of Uganda and our sister in-law but whoever is misleading her in this project to be mama Busoga is an enemy to ur family and cultural traditional norms of Busoga.

To build Busoga land we need to use our pillars in place if we are to keep our house of Iseife Baba Gabula Nadiope Wilberforce 1V intact with the true preservation to our values, norms.

We will never grow responsible if we can’t believe in who we are, allowing other pples cultures to be supreme in our own, this is going to be the beginning of our last nail in Busogas glory coffin.

Yours Brother Kalulu Kasalawo a Son of the soil at Musuubo.

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