Orientation Day 2: ‘Focus On Highlighting & Defending Legitimate Interests Of Your People’ – David Mafabi, Major Frank Banana Lectures New ONC Regional Coordinators


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The senior Presidential Advisor on political affairs/special duties, Mr David Mafabi has advised newly appointed Office of the National Chairman (ONC) regional Coordinators to focus their energies on renewing ideological clarity, identifying, highlighting and defending legitimate interests of the people as the core principles in order to ensure cohesion, heal internal and external bickering.

Mafabi made remarks while officiating at the 3-day sensitization seminar for 150 ONC regional coordinators on Socioeconomic transformation at ONC Kyambogo offices.

“Before the police comes in, before the DISO, GISO, what about our structures? So Mzee is challenging you the Bazzukulu. Before you complain that we have a problem called corruption, what are you doing about the vice? You see things happening in your health centres and you are keeping quite. You carry a very heavy responsibility.”
Some of the ONC Coordinators that attended the orientation
Mr Mafabi fears that without clarity in party ideology and vision built around the existing core principles of patriotism, Pan-Africanism, socio-economic transformation and democracy among young entrants, the party is likely to grow indiscipline and disintegrate.
“As a liberation movement, our mission and vision should be to forge a way forward around our senior party leader and founding father and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as well as the party core principles in causing harmony and consensus among all party members despite our social differences,” Mr Mafabi said.

Mr. Mafabi advised coordinators to always have discipline, focus and have a tactical movement. He encouraged coordinators to understand the environment as it is and be ready for the task that awaits them.
“Always have discipline. Please demonstrate enough discipline in party building and it is clear that the ideological mind created will continue steering the political movement of NRM,” he said.

Mr. Mafabi who doubles as the chairperson of Mwangaza governing council, said the President has consistently identified ideological disorientation as the major bottleneck in Africa’s development. He thus urged them to commit themselves on social, economic transformation of the society.
“Working recklessly on the integration of the African common market for the whole of Africa and the political federation of East Africa. Please, that is a directive. You are commanding Jajja to stand again in 2026, and he’s also commanding you to work for the political federation of East Africa but we can only achieve this when your input is visible.”
ONC Spokesperson Ibrahim Kitatta Almalik (L) with Hajji Sulaiman Walusimbi (R) take notes
On Mobilization, Mr Mafabi quoted the president’s guidance to NRM CEC in 2021 that mobilization is not merely about shouting NRM slogans or attending burials and making regular appearances in the media.
“Mobilization is not about talking too much to the people or doing media and shouting NRM oyee, NRM oyee or attending burrials. All these are the butter but the real bread of mobilization is about identifying, highlighting and defending the legitimate interests of the people” Mafabi told coordinators.

He said in situations where a mobiliser has the capacity to solve some of the issues affecting the people, mobilization demands such a person to solve them.
“The mission of mobilization therefore, entails identifying, highlighting, fighting for and solving those problems and where need be, you oppose some of the illegitimate interests of some of the actors. It is this ability to always support the right and oppose the wrong that helped the student movement of 1965 to grow into a strong movement. On this one, you shouldn’t compromise. Oppose the wrong and defend the right,” he added.
Mr. Gadafi Nassur (L) Shares a moment with Hajat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye (M) and ONC PRO Hajji Ibrahim Kitatta (R)
The seminar was also attended by ISO director for political affairs Maj. Frank Banana who challenged the coordinators to caltivate sources if they are to do proper monitoring of government programs and mobilization.
“As cadres, if you’re to effectively mobilize, you must use sources. If you’re monitoring government programs, you must have agents in all these offices and political groups. Political parties in Uganda are legitimate and constitutional but we only look at them when they cross the red line and want to use unconstitutional means (to remove governmnent)” he advised.

He lectured coordinators to be patriotic, conversant with Uganda’s history, descent tribal and geographical fences and transparent.
“As cadres, you must feel the love for your country first, understand your country’s history, avoid tribal, religious and geographical lenses,” he lectured.
Maj. Frank Banana lectures ONC regional coordinators
He further cautioned coordinators to be law abiding citizens,  productive, peace makers and avoid being used by internal and external influence to betray their country.
“How do you relate with your people? You must be productive, don’t just talk about NRM, that’s idle talk. Always share information with your security agencies, don’t leave insecurity issues to only men in uniform”

ONC head also National Coordinator of the Bazzukulu movement Hajat Uzeiye Namyalo Hadijah asked ONC coordinators across the country and the Bazzukulu not to fear monitoring government programs.
“Don’t fear anyone, we are acting under the direct supervision and guidance from the National Chairman. You are his cadres there. Protect his good leadership.
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