‘Be Leaders Who Listen & Guard Against Corruption’ – State House Controller Barekye, Hajat Namyalo Tip New ONC Regional Coordinators


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By Hannington Mbabazi

Kampala: The Office of the National Chairman (ONC) head who is also the Senior Presidential Advisor on Political Affairs / National Coordinator of the Bazzukulu movement Hajat Uzeiye Namyalo Hadijah, has tasked ONC regional coordinators to report the discontent of Bazzukulu arising from massive corruption in government and local governments.

Namyalo made remarks while officiating at the opening of the 3-day sensitization seminar for 150 ONC regional coordinators on Socioeconomic transformation at ONC Kyambogo offices.

“Don’t fear anyone, we are acting under the direct supervision and guidance from the National Chairman. I get reports every day that some of our female youths are sexually exploited and sometimes don’t get those jobs. Male youths are asked to pay Shs5-10m to get jobs. Some even don’t get them. The president says this is a disease that has failed service delivery. He wants us the Bazzukulu to go and trap these officials, record them and bring evidence. This is a task for us” she said.

She also warned the coordinators against corruption and misusing their offices as this would tarnish the image of the president.
“You’re on probation here, avoid being bribed. If you accept bribes, we shall disqualify you. So, guard against corruption. We’re going to monitor you region by region. Don’t be a coordinator who’s going to cause trouble in society,” she guided.

Hajat Namyalo giving her speech to new ONC regional coordinators

The State House Controller Ms. Jane Barekye who was also the Guest of Honor thanked Ms. Hadijah Namyalo for transforming the Office of the National Chairman and promised to always support her because they have seen positive results ever since she came to office.

Barekye called upon coordinators that their main task now is to pass on the president’s message about the socioeconomic transformation of all Ugandans.

“This is a message from the head of state, a message from the chairman, a message of transforming the economy of Uganda. How can we better Ugandans.? Now Cadres, what brings us here is to learn on how to pass on a message to all Ugandans that before you harvest, you plant, plough and then harvest. So, as cadres how are you going to plant? You’re going to pass on the message of the president of transforming the economy of Uganda by improving household income. Believe me or not, when every Ugandan is earning from his farm, tourism etc, we shall just go and harvest at the right time” she said.

Ms. Jane Barekye, the State House Controller while giving her presentation

She said President Museveni has always talked about four avenues i.e., commercialization of agriculture, intensive and extensive but a majority of Ugandans fall under intensive because they have small pieces of land and minimal capital.

“Most of them even use their hands but how can they commercialize intensive agriculture such that household income can improve? This is the message we want you to take to the communities. You are living in a community, where most of the Ugandans are poor yet you have the knowledge, why don’t you sensitize them? You are now our staff, we are going to follow you up, so go and teach our members there how to get out of poverty. We’re going to monitor you region by region, we are willing and going to support them.” She explained.

Ms Jane Barekya (L) with Hajat Namyalo Uzeiye (R)

She thus advised coordinators who fail to identify model farmers in their localities to make use of the State House hubs spread across the country so that people can learn from there.

“H.E. the President has a vision of scaling down unemployment rates, especially among the youth and stimulating industrial production in the country through Zonal Industrial Hubs. If your region isn’t doing well, benchmark with others. How are they doing it? If you fail to get a model farmer in your region, come to the state house hub, they are in 19 regions of the country. Bring farmers there and show them how they generate money from small pieces of land. ” She said.

Ibrahim Kitatta, the Public Relations Officer and Spokesperson of the NRM National Chairman Kyambogo Office give applause to the state house controller

She also warned coordinators against misusing their offices to mistreat others as this would tarnish the image of the president.

“Don’t be a coordinator who’s going to cause trouble and chaos in society. That’s not what we called you here for. If you are fronting any case, front a legal and justifiable case. Don’t bring cases based on personal interests because that will kill the image of this office outside the communities. A leader who’s not a peacemaker is not a good leader. Move and work beyond duty, work with love, work with cadre ship, and make Uganda a better country to live in because you got a chance to serve it. That is why we called you here.” she counselled.

Senior Presidential Advisor on political affairs David Mafabi advised coordinators to always have discipline, focus and a tactical movement.

“Always have discipline. Please demonstrate enough discipline in party building and it is clear that the ideological mind created will continue steering the political movement of NRM,” he said.

Some of the coordinators at the orientation

He described all those claiming that president Museveni is too old to continue leading this country as ideologically weak, illiterate, and functionally backward.
“Those who say president Museveni is old don’t know what they are talking about. He has lived in all generations be it nuclear, digital or space age. Those who masquerade around are functionally backward, incapable and illiterate to lead Uganda and Africa. Mzee is experienced” he said.

The retreat brought along Professors, Security officers, and OWC officers among others attended and gave lectures to the participants.

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