Sheema Residents Decry Sorry State of Nyakabirizi Primary School


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Residents of Kyangyenyi Ward in Kakindo Town Council, Sheema District, are expressing frustration over the deteriorating condition of Nyakabirizi Primary School.

This government-aided school, originally founded by the church, has been severely neglected due to ongoing political disputes among local leaders, preventing any meaningful interventions to address its challenges.

The school’s infrastructure is in a deplorable state, with buildings at risk of collapse, raising serious safety concerns for the students. Parents and community members have voiced their fears about sending their children to an unsafe learning environment.

Nyakabirizi Primary School classroom

Despite these dangers, efforts to secure government support have been stalled due to the inability of concerned parties to effectively advocate for the school.

In response to the dire situation, a collective effort has emerged among parents, former students (OBs and OGs), and other well-wishers.

Through grassroots mobilization, they have begun constructing a new five-room block, which is currently at the roofing stage. This initiative is entirely community-driven, reflecting a shared commitment to improving the educational prospects for local children.

Nyakabirizi Primary School classroom block

However, the new block is only a small part of what is needed to restore Nyakabirizi Primary School. The remainder of the school remains in a dilapidated state, requiring significant repairs and additional resources. Desks, learning materials, and other essentials are in short supply, further hindering the educational environment.

Residents continue to call for broader support, reaching out to anyone who can contribute to the cause. They emphasize the need for both financial and material assistance, as well as increased visibility to prompt government action.

The involvement of local MPs, including Hon. Rosemary Nyakyigongoro and Hon. Naume Kibaaju, is seen as crucial for securing necessary interventions.

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