Justice for Speaker Anita Annet Among: A Call for Accountability from the UK Government


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Writen By Franco Rashid

West Nile, UG: In a recent wave of allegations, the Honorable Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament, Anita Annet Among, has been wrongfully accused of owning properties in the United Kingdom. These accusations have not only tarnished her reputation but have also cast a shadow over the integrity of the Ugandan political landscape. As stakeholders and concerned citizens, we believe it is imperative to set the record straight and demand justice for Speaker Among.

Baseless and Harmful Allegations

The allegations against Speaker Among have been investigated thoroughly by multiple stakeholders, including the Ministry of Lands. Investigations involved a comprehensive search of the UK Land Registry for properties linked to her name or potential aliases. The results unequivocally revealed no connections, affirming that these accusations are unfounded, malicious, and damaging. The accusations appear to stem from misinformation and a lack of understanding of the cultural and political context in Uganda.

The Impact: Beyond Personal Reputation

These unfounded claims do more than harm Speaker Among’s personal and professional reputation; they undermine the trust and respect between nations. They also suggest hidden agendas aimed at destabilizing the image of one of Africa’s most peaceful countries. Such reckless accusations, if left unchallenged, set a dangerous precedent for international relations and the principles of fairness and respect.

Our Demands: Apology, Retraction, and Future Safeguards

In light of the evidence and the damage caused, we, the undersigned, urge the UK Government to take the following actions:

  1. Issue a Formal Apology: A public apology should be made to Speaker Among and the people of Uganda, acknowledging the harm caused by these false allegations.
  2. Retract the Allegations: Any misinformation disseminated regarding Speaker Among’s alleged property ownership should be formally retracted and corrected.
  3. Prevent Future Occurrences: The UK Government must take steps to ensure that such baseless and harmful accusations are not made in the future, preserving the dignity and respect in international relations.

A Call for Solidarity and Truth

We stand in solidarity with Speaker Among and the people of Uganda, advocating for fairness, respect, and truth in all international interactions. It is crucial for the UK Government to recognize the gravity of their actions and make amends to restore trust and uphold the values of justice.


In a world where misinformation can spread rapidly and cause significant damage, it is the responsibility of governments and individuals alike to ensure that truth prevails. The case of Speaker Anita Annet Among serves as a reminder of the importance of thorough investigation and responsible reporting. We call upon the UK Government to right this wrong and reinforce the principles of integrity and respect in their dealings with other nations.

Franco Rashid is a Coordinator, NRM Youth Cadres Association, West Nile Sub-region
Co-Founder, Local Solutions Organization (LSO)
UN Young Leaders Training Alumni 2021
UN HRC Training Alumni 2022

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Or WhatsApp Us on +256750474440

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