Inzu Ya Masaba Leads Massive Tree Planting Initiative in Elgon Region


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In a significant move to combat environmental degradation and promote sustainability, the Inzu Ya Masaba cultural institution has announced an ambitious plan to plant over 2.5 million trees in the Elgon region.

This initiative was unveiled by the cultural leader, the Umukuka, during a speech to his subjects in Sironko on the occasion of International World Environment Day.

Addressing the gathering, the Umukuka emphasized the cultural institution’s commitment to environmental conservation.

He highlighted the crucial role tree planting will play in preserving the region’s ecological balance. The announcement was made during a meeting at the Maluku offices, where the Umukuka also welcomed a team from Centenary Bank, showing a collaborative effort towards this green initiative.

Steven Masiga, the spokesperson for Inzu Ya Masaba, elaborated on the importance of the project and called for robust funding and support from both Kenyan and Ugandan Masaba communities, stressing that the tree-planting effort will benefit districts neighbouring Mount Elgon. These include Kitale, Trans-Nzoia, and Bungoma in Kenya, as well as the Bugisu and Sebei regions in Uganda.

“The initiatives on tree planting in the Elgon region should be well funded and supported by the Masaba communities of both Kenya and Uganda,” said Masiga. “This project will benefit not only our immediate environment but also the districts around Mount Elgon, fostering a healthier ecosystem for future generations,” Masiga said.

Masiga also announced that the Umukuka will lead a delegation of Ugandan Bamasaba to Kenya, following an invitation from the Bamasaba Kenyan chapter.

“Detailed plans will be shared with the media after the delegation’s tour of Bungoma. This visit is expected to strengthen cross-border collaboration and unify efforts towards environmental conservation,” he added.

A critical aspect of this initiative is addressing the issue of forced relocations due to environmental hazards. Masiga noted that many residents of the Elgon region, particularly in Bududa District, have been relocated to places like Kiryandongo due to landslides and other environmental threats. He expressed hope that the tree planting initiative would serve as a long-term solution, mitigating environmental risks and allowing people to remain in their ancestral homes.

“The intervention by Inzu Yamasaba leaders aims to halt the migration issues in the Elgon region,” said Masiga. “By restoring our environment, we hope that in the future, our people will not need to relocate but can stay safely in their ancestral homes.”

This tree planting initiative by the Inzu Ya Masaba cultural institution marks a significant step towards environmental sustainability in the Elgon region. With strong community support and cross-border cooperation, it promises to bring lasting benefits to the environment and the local communities.

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