Woman Charged for Allegedly Pouring Hot Oil on Husband Over Sexual Dissatisfaction Dispute


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In the quiet village of Rentfontein Ruchanyu in Shurugwi, the life of Chiedza Tototai, 43, has taken a dramatic turn following a harrowing incident with her husband, Shepherd Gwenzi, 40.

Their relationship, once filled with promise and love, had deteriorated into a battleground of unmet desires and resentments, culminating in a violent altercation that has now led to serious legal consequences.

The tensions between Chiedza and Shepherd had been brewing for years, primarily centred around Shepherd’s alleged neglect of Chiedza’s emotional and physical needs and his perceived preference for his first wife.

These unresolved issues often sparked heated arguments, but none as catastrophic as the one that unfolded on that fateful morning.

As the first rays of dawn peered through their modest home, a familiar argument erupted at 6 am, igniting years of pent-up frustrations.

Overwhelmed with anger and desperation, Chiedza retreated to a nearby hut, where she sought solace in an activity that once brought her joy—baking buns. However, the familiar task quickly turned into a prelude to tragedy.

In a moment fueled by rage, Chiedza heated a pot of oil, her hands trembling with a mix of fear and determination. As the oil sizzled, her thoughts spiralled into a resolve for retribution. Unaware of the brewing storm, Shepherd remained in the bedroom, oblivious to the peril that awaited him.

In a decisive and fateful move, Chiedza carried the scalding pot of oil back to the bedroom and, in a moment of uncontrollable rage, poured it onto Shepherd’s unsuspecting face. The room was instantly filled with screams of agony and chaos.

Neighbours, drawn by the commotion, rushed to the scene to find a man writhing in pain and a woman standing, trembling, with the pot in her hand.

The swift legal aftermath saw Chiedza charged with domestic violence, as her actions underscored the severe consequences of unchecked emotions and unresolved marital conflicts.

In court, Chiedza tearfully claimed the incident was an accident, a tragic consequence of a heated argument that spiralled out of control.

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