BRIAN KEITIRA; “Masaka Can’t be mobilised by NRM?” Museveni’s Kyambogo-based Office Changed the Narrative


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In a strategic and impactful move, the Senior Presidential Advisor on Political Affairs, Hadijjah Namyalo, has orchestrated a groundbreaking initiative that has challenged the prevailing narrative in Masaka Region, demonstrating the unwavering commitment of the NRM to engage communities and win hearts and minds in areas historically dominated by opposition parties, particularly the NUP and supporters of Kyagulanyi.

In a remarkable turn of events, the Head Office Of The National Chairman-NRM has shattered preconceived notions by pulling one of the largest crowds ever seen in the history of Masaka City at Kasana Playground on 17th May 2024. This showcases the power of and influence of NRM in a region often deemed challenging to mobilize.

Masaka Region, long considered a stronghold of the opposition, witnessed a significant shift as Hadijjah Namyalo spearheaded a campaign focused on empowering the local populace. Recognizing the socio-economic challenges faced by the residents, especially in the aftermath of 2021 political divisions, Namyalo took a proactive approach by providing essential empowerment equipment aimed at uplifting livelihoods and fostering a sense of self-reliance.

The event which took place in the heart of the City, drew a sea of supporters and enthusiasts from the ten districts of Greater Masaka, all eager to witness and be part of the unfolding moment. The atmosphere was electric, charged with excitement and anticipation as Hadijjah took the stage, exuding confidence that captivated the ghetto audience from the moment she spoke.

The distribution of welding machines, sewing machines, car washing items, hand hoes, seedlings, fertilizers, hair dryers, chips-making machines, and food items among many other tools and resources was not merely a gesture of goodwill but a strategic investment in the future of Masaka.

By equipping individuals with the means to start or enhance their businesses, Namyalo offered tangible support that transcended political affiliations and spoke directly to the everyday needs and aspirations of the people. This has never been done by any NRM office bearer at Namyalo’s level.

The impact of these empowerment initiatives was felt far and wide across Masaka Region. Communities that had long been marginalized or disenchanted with the ruling party found a renewed sense of hope and optimism as they received tools that would enable them to generate income, improve their standard of living, and contribute to the local economy.

Moreover, Namyalo’s hands-on approach and genuine interaction with the beneficiaries further solidified the trust and connection between the NRM and the people of Masaka. Her engagement, coupled with the practical assistance provided, underscored a commitment to meaningful change at the grassroots level, beyond the realms of traditional political rhetoric.

Her groundbreaking event stands out as a turning point in the political landscape of Masaka, showing that with the right vision, leadership and dedication, any region can be swayed towards a brighter future under the banner of NRM.No wonder she has done the same in Bunyoro and Busoga sub-regions. As the 2026 general elections draw closer, President Museveni has a gem in her and my appeal is that more funds should be allocated to ONC to continue with such noble causes.

The ripple effects of Namyalo’s empowerment strategy were evident in the subsequent shifts witnessed in the political landscape of Masaka. As communities embraced the opportunities created through access to resources and skills, a newfound sense of agency and ownership emerged, reshaping perceptions and recalibrating allegiances in favour of the NRM.

Despite the historic electoral setbacks faced by the NRM in Greater Masaka, Hadijjah Namyalo’s innovative approach has proven instrumental in bridging divides, building bridges, and instilling a sense of shared prosperity and progress among the residents. The narrative that Masaka Region cannot be mobilized by the NRM has been unequivocally challenged and redefined through tangible actions that prioritize the well-being and empowerment of the people.

Important to note also is the fact that, as the dust settles and the echoes of the event reverberate throughout Masaka, history has been decisively rewritten. Thanks to the efforts of ONC district coordinators under the auspices of Namyalo. The path to victory in Buganda is no longer an insurmountable challenge but a promising opportunity waiting to be seized.

For the region that has been often labelled a tough nut to crack for NRM, this massive turnout serves as a testament to the changing tides and growing support for Yoweri Museveni and the ruling party ahead of the 2026 general elections.

In a nutshell, Hadijjah Namyalo’s transformative intervention in Masaka serves as a testament to the power of inclusive and impactful governance, transcending political boundaries to deliver real, meaningful change where it matters most – in the hearts and homes of the people.

The Writer Is A Senior Cadre And Works With the Office Of the National Chairman -NRM.

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