Video! Controversial Pastor Asks Female Church Members to Remove Underwear for ‘Quick Deliverance’


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In a controversial and alarming incident that has drawn widespread outrage, a pastor in Ghana has come under heavy criticism for asking female church members to remove their underwear during a service.

The pastor, whose identity has not been disclosed, claimed that this unusual request was necessary for the “quick and easy deliverance of the Holy Spirit.”

The incident occurred during a Sunday service at a church in a small town in Ghana. According to witnesses, the pastor began his sermon by preaching about the importance of spiritual cleanliness and divine intervention.

However, the service took a shocking turn when he instructed the women to come forward and remove their underwear so that he could shave their pubic hair.

The pastor asserted that this act was a divine instruction received in a vision. He claimed that by removing their pubic hair, the women would be spiritually cleansed and better positioned to receive the Holy Spirit.

He further explained that the pubic hair acted as a barrier to the Holy Spirit’s entry into their bodies and that its removal was essential for their spiritual deliverance.

Despite the bizarre nature of the request, several female congregants reportedly complied, trusting the pastor’s spiritual authority and believing in his promises of deliverance. The scene was described as disturbing, with the pastor shaving the pubic hair of the women who came forward, one by one, while the rest of the congregation looked on.

News of the incident quickly spread, drawing the attention of local media and social media platforms. The public reaction was swift and overwhelmingly negative, with many condemning the pastor’s actions as exploitative, demeaning, and an abuse of religious power.

Critics argued that such practices had no basis in Christian doctrine and were a blatant violation of personal dignity and bodily autonomy.

Religious leaders from various denominations denounced the pastor’s actions as heretical and called for his immediate removal from the pulpit. Some emphasized the need for proper theological training and accountability within the church to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

Local authorities have launched an investigation into the incident, with calls for the pastor to be held accountable for any potential violations of the law and human rights.

Human rights organizations in Ghana have also expressed concern, urging women to come forward and report any instances of abuse or exploitation within religious settings.

This incident has sparked a broader discussion about the role of religious leaders and the potential for abuse within religious communities.

It has highlighted the importance of safeguarding the rights and dignity of individuals, particularly within environments where spiritual authority can be easily misused.

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