How the Newly Recruited Buvuma Ass RDC Hopes to Work with President Museveni to Change Lives of Islanders


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It is a gratitude for anyone serving the government to work beyond self for the people under the watchful eye of the ruling president of the republic of Uganda to stir economic potential and development of their subjects.

It is no crime to say that ever since practising, journalist Moses Kizito Buule was posted to the Buvuma as Assistant Resident District Commissioner (ARDC), the former has exercised to perform beyond measures to change lives of residents in Buvuma District.

Buule  officiated his works earlier this month and he has dominated the area in extending developmental schemes and community sensitizing and mobilising which has effected unity and patriotism in Buvuma District.

Buule engaging residents

He as for clarity has explored the government projects and changed the mindset of locals through advocating them to investing in agro businesses.

Through rallying around with the local communities led by local leaders; he has trekked with locals to monitor  government projects and reviving the conservation of environment through visiting area wetlands including Bukiyindi Government Forest was destroyed and planted back by the locals, it is the community now which is responsible for the conservation of the forest through their community based organisation “Emiti Emito Bukiyindi”.

Buule is a radical community mobilizer and a staunch partisan of patriotism to the ruling party in National Resistance Movement party (NRM) which has attracted locals in Buvuma District to work effectively with him to realise stable progress in the economic agenda of the area.

The latter started as a low merchant in campaigning journalistic purposes in solving community challenges especially Land wraggles that has crippled the area’s development for a long haul.

The workaholic Ass. RDC is on several occasions engaging residents on matters of national importance

He has connected the young; old men and women and hope to work with president Museveni to change lives of people in the area.

“I am not here to sit in office chairs  to realise service delivery. I chose to differ and I am already in a field to work and mobilise the community upon the projected development scheme and ideas;” he assuredly shared.

Before; Buule has mobilised the community villages such as; Nairambi, Buvuma Town Council and Busamuzi subounty suburbs to alleviate the conundrums of land wrangles and its related effect accordingly.

As for clarity; Buvuma District is mostly dominated by water reservoirs and the land occupancy is at a high demand due to limited land available for economic purposes.

Buule ponders that the journalism fraternity has mentored him into a pillar of good communicator and strategist for development as observed in the communication Act 1997.

He has done all he could to work effectively with the government and engaging the community and they have instituted the working technics  and the zeal to work extensively for community.

Born to the late Eriyasafi Buule and Ms Maria Nakintu residents of Kiyanja village, Mpatta sub-county in Mukono District; Buule boast with six years expertise as a board member of Human Rights Network For Journalists- Uganda  (HRNJ) and honed his leadership skills highly as a Vice chairperson for Buganda Youth council and rest has been history.

Additionally; Buule has manned the political conundrums and indifferences by redirecting  locals into the right directions of benefiting from the ruling government instituted developmental projects.

Moses in the field with residents

As for deformation; Buule has stationed locals into community  policing and monitoring of the community needs and perseverance.

He has graduary been a pillar of mobilising locals leaders too in straightening progressive measures of lifting peoples lives irrespective of their political affiliation.

Accordingly; the latter is wrestling hard to work with president Museveni to change the narrative of development extending leadership mentorship programs in the area.

Legally Married to Ms Winnie Nassanga whom they have produced one child Buule boast with masterly artiarly works and skills in engaging the communities through exposing developmental ideas amicably.

The fairly tale of Moses Buule into the Office of the Buvuma Assistant Resident District Commissioner has enabled him to traverse sub-coubties; Busamuzi  Buvuma Town Council and Buwooya to stir development programs.

Buvuma District as for clarity; has had tremendous challenges and the latter has initiated developmental schemes such as Utilizing Emyooga and Operation wealth creation programs too.

He says the land question remains unsolved since the area is palm oil oriented region and many land owners have been grappling with securing  land compensation from the oil palm investor and the government.

As for clarity; Buvuma is a growing region with fishing being the mostly preferred economic activity which Buule hopes to face- lift the activity into a huge income earning enterprise for the community.

He hopes to associate with the local leaders; fisheries commander and Uganda people’s Defence environmental enforcement team to forge a way forward to alleviate insecurity in the area by protecting people who have been harassed before by the aforementioned bodies while exercising their enforcement roles.

” I think it is a huge achievement to get united through community mobilisation and the area Member of Parliament Buvuma Constituency in Robert Migadde has risen the flag of the ruling party in National Resistance Movement party which has impacted development in the area;” he says.

Buule has interconnected the local communities with the government and remains highly positive with spreading  president Museveni’s re-election among the Buvuma District residents.

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