Prof Timothy Wangusa Champions Bamasaba Cultural Identity, Literacy Revival


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By Steven Masiga

Mbale, UG: In Mbale City’s senior quarters, Professor Timothy Wangusa, a revered figure in Ugandan literature and culture, stands as a beacon of hope for the Bamasaba community.

With unwavering dedication, he advocates for the preservation of cultural heritage and the revival of literacy among his people.

Born and bred in Mbale, Professor Wangusa’s roots run deep within the Bamasaba culture. As a literacy writer and educator, he has committed his life to uplifting his community through the power of words and tradition. His illustrious career spans decades, marked by influential works such as “Upon This Mountain” and poignant critiques like “African New Breeds, Now Turned to Broods.”

At the heart of Professor Wangusa’s mission lies the Lumasaba cultural anthem, “Inzuymasaba.” Composed by him, alongside esteemed collaborators Madam Catherine Hanyiga and the venerable Mr. Wakiro, the anthem serves as a rallying cry for unity, identity, and reverence for tradition among the Bamasaba people. Professor Wangusa’s dedication to preserving and promoting the anthem reflects his deep-seated belief in the power of cultural heritage to unite and empower communities.

In a recent interview with Standard News Uganda, Professor Wangusa lamented the decline of the reading culture among the Bamasaba, noting with concern that many struggle to read or recite the Lumasaba anthem with precision. Despite this, he remains steadfast in his conviction that literacy is essential for the preservation of cultural identity and the advancement of society.

Throughout his career, Professor Wangusa has held various esteemed positions, including lecturer and head of department at Makerere University. Notably, he served as a senior presidential advisor on literacy affairs to President Museveni for 17 years, demonstrating his commitment to advancing education and literacy at the highest levels of government.

As the Bamasaba community prepares for the upcoming Imbalu program slated for August 2024, Professor Wangusa’s voice resonates as a call to action.

He urges his people to embrace their cultural heritage, participate in development initiatives, and strive for unity. With the 2024 Imbalu festivities to be presided over by Umukuka III, and Jude Mike Mudoma, the significance of tradition and cultural leadership is more apparent than ever.

Professor Timothy Wangusa’s unwavering commitment to championing Bamasaba cultural identity and literacy revival serves as an inspiration to his community and beyond.

In a rapidly changing world, his steadfast belief in the power of tradition and education offers a beacon of hope for the preservation and prosperity of the Bamasaba people.

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