VP Alupo Saves Ministers With Miraculous Maradona-Like Goal As She Participated In Curtain Raiser Match For Alupo Cup 2024 Finals!


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Amidst her demanding schedule, the Vice President of Uganda Maj. Jessica Alupo took a moment to reveal her passion for football.

Dressed in a red jersey with a yellow T-shirt featuring Gen. Yoweri Museveni’s portrait, she captivated the audience with her exceptional goal, reminiscent of the legendary Diego Maradona.

Skillfully maneuvering past opponents, she made her way toward the opposing team’s goal, leaving the goalkeeper helpless as she scored a remarkable goal.

The goalkeeper was left helpless

This thrilling match, which took place yesterday, saw the participation of esteemed individuals, including ministers Akello Rose Lilly and Asamo Christine Hellen.

The curtain raiser match before the Alupo Cup 2024 finals added an extra layer of excitement to the event.

Notably, this tournament, proudly sponsored by Vice President Alupo, served a dual purpose by promoting both sportsmanship and community well-being.

The Alupo tournament had a significant impact on the Health sector in Katakwi District and beyond, with 120 units of blood collected, 400 individuals receiving H.I.V. counseling and testing, and 640 children being dewormed.

Health workers attending to patients

All this success in health aspects was courtesy of Katakwi district Health Officer Dr. Icumar Simon who managed the health segment of the Alupo Tournament 2024.

The finals presided over by H.E Alupo saw Usuk Town Council thumping the Katakwi Town Council football team by 5:4 goals, making Usuk the bull in the kraal.

“I want to thank all the teams that participated in Alupo Cup 2024. This is a clear indication that as a district and country at large, we love sports. Sports are a source of employment, talent development and above all, help us prevent Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) that come as a result of not doing physical exercises” the Vice President counseled, adding that through regular sports activities, people can prevent diabetes, obesity among others illnesses.

VP Alupo addressing masses at the event

She said the government will continue to support sports by establishing sports facilities for youths to train adding that sports also help market the country at regional and international levels.

The colorful function was crowned with a declaration by Teso youth led by Jacob Eyeru; the chairman of the National Youth Council in which they endorsed H.E YKMuseveni as the sole candidate for NRM in the 2026 presidential elections.

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