Crane Bank Ghosts Return to Haunt Dfcu As 15 Key Officials Throw in Towel in Just One Month


15 key officials at DFCU Bank have resigned within the span of one month, creating a leadership vacuum that has sent shockwaves through the institution.

The sudden departure raises concerns about the stability and future direction of the bank under the leadership of Charles M. Mudiwa, who assumed the role of Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer just seven months ago.

Anonymous sources indicate that Mr Mudiwa, a Zimbabwean national, is struggling to solidify his position amid the mass exodus of his juniors.

Mudiwa inherited a complex situation from his predecessor, Mathias Katamba, who resigned at the end of the previous year after facing difficulties in steering the bank through the aftermath of acquiring Crane Bank. DFCU has been entangled in legal battles since 2017, losing significant cases and incurring substantial costs and damages.

The shadow of the Crane Bank acquisition continues to loom over Mudiwa, as the bank recently suffered setbacks in two crucial legal battles—the London Court case and a High Court judgment ordering DFCU to vacate Meera Investment buildings, accompanied by a hefty fine of  Shs2.4billion for trespass.

Speculation is rife about the reasons behind the sudden exodus of senior executives, with internal discord, strategic disagreements, and potential restructuring plans being considered contributing factors.

Among the notable departures are Joan Ntabadde (Head of Customer Service), Miranda Bageine (Head of Personal Banking), Ronald Kasasa (Head of Business Banking), and Godfrey Mundua (Head of Corporate Banking).

The reluctance of DFCU officials to comment on the situation has heightened concerns, and the management now stands as a symbol of unanswered questions.

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