President Biden’s 81st Birthday Raises Concerns About His Potential For Another Term


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President Joe Biden marks his 81st birthday while partaking in the traditional White House ceremony of pardoning Thanksgiving turkeys, a celebratory moment clouded by heightened scrutiny over his age and its implications for his presidency.

As the oldest president in US history, Biden’s advancing years have become a focal point, sparking speculation about his ability to secure a second term, which would see him leave office at the age of 86. This milestone rekindles a debate among American voters, who consistently rank Biden’s age as a top concern despite his busy schedule and occasional jests about his seniority.

Amidst a series of instances that have drawn attention—from moments of imbalance while boarding Air Force One to occasionally lengthy responses in press conferences—concerns about the president’s age have remained a prominent issue. While Biden attempts to deflect worries by portraying his age as a source of wisdom and humor, the prospect of surpassing Ronald Reagan’s age record upon potential re-election has garnered attention.

David Karol, a government and politics professor at the University of Maryland, notes the challenge in altering public perceptions about Biden’s age and other pertinent matters, despite the president’s sustained dedication to his responsibilities.

The polling data reflects the prevailing concerns. A significant majority of voters view Biden as too old for a potential second term in contrast to former President Donald Trump, as revealed by recent polls. Moreover, assessments of Biden’s competence for the presidency have seen a noticeable decline since the 2020 elections, as indicated in surveys.

While some analysts advocate for a nuanced view of aging and cognitive ability, citing the concept of “Super-Agers” who maintain cognitive acuity in later years, the age debate remains a critical aspect, particularly amidst an anticipated challenging election campaign.

In the midst of this discourse, Republicans have redirected attention towards Vice President Kamala Harris, whose approval ratings mirror those of Biden, raising concerns should she ascend to the presidency.

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