‘I couldn’t see myself becoming a pastor’s wife’- Says Fifi, Pastor Jengo’s Fiancé


Fiona Kyomugisha, the newly unveiled lover of Pastor Andrew Jengo took some liberty to share a sneak peek into their fascinating love story with the youthful Man of God, which has got the entire Christian community at Revival Church Kawaala exhilarated.

The young and bubbly wife-to-be spoke out in detail this week on how she got to meet and fall in love with Pastor Jengo, and also shared her expectations and wishes for their blooming union, which will be sealed later next year.

Kyomugisha, known among her peers as Fifi, told UBC TV in an interview that at the time she started dating Jengo over 5 years ago, she knew nothing about him.

She was not even aware that he was the son of a senior city pastor, the late Augustine Yiga.
“We met before he became a pastor, I did not know he was a pastor’s son, and he never told me about it. I only found out once when he was forced to speak out publicly about a controversy surrounding his father,” she said.

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First, she was not born-again at the time. She comes from a staunch Anglican family from Nakaseke.
“I loved him so much, but it was troublesome for me because I couldn’t see myself becoming a pastor’s wife, I personally was not very religious, and I did not even know how to pray, but with time, he helped me adjust.”

Eventually, she was able to convert to the Born Again faith together with her younger brother.

Right now she is running a charity ministry in the church which is helping disabled children.

Meanwhile, Fifi revealed that she did not complete her studies because of her relationship with Jengo.
“I dropped out of school and he had a hand in this. We were both young and we were telling lies to each other, so I dropped out and he also dropped out,” she said.

Currently, she and Jengo are living together but she insists that they have not slept together and will, not until after their wedding.

The wedding is set for November next year.


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