Pope Francis Criticizes Disinformation, Fake News as Journalism’s Principal Offense


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VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis addressed the issue of disinformation and fake news as significant challenges in modern journalism during a gathering with Italian journalists at the Vatican. He expressed concern over the spread of false information aimed at manipulating public opinion and emphasized the importance of responsible reporting.

During the event to bestow a journalism prize, Pope Francis referred to “disinformation” as the primary sin and mistake of journalism. He highlighted four misdeeds of the media: disinformation, poor or misleading reporting, slander, defamation, and the propagation of scandal.The Pope expressed concern about the manipulation of public opinion through the spread of fake news and emphasized the need for a reawakening of responsibility in journalism. He specifically mentioned the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and urged the media to give space to voices of peace and those committed to resolving conflicts.Pope Francis has been an active communicator since becoming the head of the Catholic Church in 2013. He has engaged with the media through interviews and interactions, displaying a willingness to address various issues openly. His approach to communication is considered distinct from that of his predecessor, Benedict XVI.The Pope’s criticism of disinformation and fake news underscores the critical role of journalism in providing accurate information to the public and maintaining ethical standards in reporting. As society grapples with the challenges posed by misinformation and manipulation, Pope Francis’s call for responsible reporting carries significance in fostering a more informed and responsible media landscape.

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