Foreign Affairs Ministry Stranded As Over 87 Ugandans Are Detained in Türkiye for Visa Overstay


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UGANDA — The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Uganda has released an official statement indicating that a total of 87 Ugandan nationals are currently detained in Türkiye due to overstaying their visas.

This revelation follows a series of consular visits to six detention centers within the Middle Eastern nation. In a statement issued on Friday, Vincent Waiswa Bagiire, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, confirmed the number of detained individuals.

Overstaying a visa constitutes a violation of the immigration regulations of the host nation. Depending on the country, the repercussions for such violations can range from moderate penalties to more severe consequences.

Türkiye offers various types of visas tailored to different purposes, including tourism, business, work, and study. The implications of overstaying a Turkish visa encompass potential deportation, which involves a ban on reentry into the country for a designated period.

In addition to deportation, individuals who overstay their visas may face fines, legal complications, and challenges in obtaining future visas or pursuing citizenship within Türkiye.

For the 87 Ugandans currently detained in Türkiye for their extended stay beyond the authorized period, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed its commitment to resolving the matter. A spokesperson stated that the ministry will “continue engaging with the relevant Turkish authorities to find a mutually acceptable solution.”

The situation emphasizes the significance of adhering to visa regulations while traveling abroad. It also underscores the importance of diplomatic communication and cooperation between nations in addressing such issues to ensure the welfare of affected individuals.

As both Ugandan and Turkish authorities maintain their dialogue, efforts are being made to find a resolution that aligns with the interests and rights of all parties involved.

❝ The Mininistry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uganda wishes to inform the general public of the status of Ugandans detained in Republic of Türkiye as follows:

1) The ministry together with the Ugandan Embassy in Ankara-Türkiye is seized of the matter and has so far undertaken consular visits to six detention centres, namely: Harmandali, Silvre, Tuzla, Erzurum 1, Erzurum 2, and Edirne to offer the necessary consular and legal assistance required.

2) Following these consular visits, a total of 87 Ugandans have been identified and confirmed by the officials of the Ugandan Embassy in Türkiye to have been detained by the Turkish authorities due to overstay of their visas, which is in breach of the immigrations regulations of the Republic of Türkiye.

3) The ministry wishes to assure the general public of its commitment to continue engaging with the relevant Turkish authorities to find a mutually acceptable solution to address these concerns and the affected families will be updated in due course.

4) The ministry continues to urge all Ugandan nationals to abide by the immigration regulations of the host countries they reside in.

Signed by Vincent Waiswa Bagiire, the ministry’s permanent secretary.

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