Uganda Reports Increase in Coffee Exports, Boosting Foreign Exchange Prospects


The Ugandan government has announced a rise in coffee exports, signaling positive times ahead for coffee farmers and the country’s efforts to bolster foreign exchange earnings through exports.

According to the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA), coffee exports in July 2023 amounted to 645,832 60-kilo bags, valued at $104.99 million (approximately 391 billion shillings). This comprised 586,871 bags of Robusta coffee worth $92.5 million (about 344 billion shillings) and 58,961 bags of Arabica coffee valued at $12.40 million (about 46.2 billion shillings).

The figures show an increase of 12.16% in quantity and 25.85% in value compared to the same month the previous year.

In the 12-month period from August 2022 to July 2023, total coffee exports reached 5.83 million bags worth $867.50 million, marking a slight decrease of 5% in quantity but a 0.6% increase in value compared to the previous year.

The increase in coffee exports is attributed to factors such as a good crop harvest in the southwestern region and favorable global prices. Coffee has traditionally been a significant export for Uganda, only surpassed by gold in recent years.

Despite challenges like drought and pest issues in Robusta growing areas, the overall export performance for coffee has shown positive growth, bolstering hopes for the coffee sector and its contribution to Uganda’s economy.

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