Makerere University Deputy Director Supports Bachelor’s Degree Requirement for Educators, Citing Strong Educational Foundation for Children


Dr. David Kabugo, the Deputy Director of the Institute of Teacher Education and Research at Makerere University, has voiced his support for the policy that mandates all educators to hold a bachelor’s degree as the minimum qualification. This policy is aimed at maintaining a high standard of education for Early Childhood Development (ECD) and ensuring that children receive a solid educational foundation.

Dr. Kabugo emphasized the importance of this policy during his appearance before Parliament’s education committee. He addressed a petition submitted by the Pre-primary Teachers Training Institution Association, which criticized the requirement for educators to possess a bachelor’s degree as being unjust. Dr. Kabugo disagreed with this view and argued that his experience as a trainer has shown that many teachers lack specialization, leading to a need for a more fitting approach.

The Ministry of Education had proposed a new requirement for educators, and Dr. Kabugo supported this proposal. His stance is based on his belief that the policy would lead to better educational outcomes for students in Early Childhood Development programs. He emphasized that having educators with bachelor’s degrees would contribute to a higher level of expertise and instructional quality.

Overall, Dr. Kabugo’s position is in favor of maintaining the policy that mandates educators to hold a bachelor’s degree as the minimum qualification. He believes that this requirement would be beneficial for providing a strong educational foundation for children in their early developmental stages.

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