How Elusive Drug Lord “Mathee wa Ngara” Is Operating Uninterrupted!


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The recent arrest of four suspects in Nairobi’s Ngara area, along with the recovery of drugs, cash, and minors, has shed light on the operations of an elusive drug lord known as “Mathee wa Ngara.”

Despite the arrest, authorities have not confirmed if the apprehended 54-year-old woman, Teresia Wanjiru, is the infamous Mathee.

The standard has learnt that the arrest and subsequent seizure of 26 sacks of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and significant cash holdings raised questions about the impact of the operation.

Mathee wa Ngara has long been known as a significant drug dealer, operating close to the city centre.

Residents describe her as both quiet and formidable, maintaining two houses—one in the slums and another kept secret. Her association with shadowy individuals who provide her protection remains a mystery to the locals.

The operation, organized by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officers from the Anti-Narcotics Unit, aimed to target Mathee wa Ngara’s operation. Their secrecy aimed to avoid alerting her informants, some of whom were believed to be rogue police officers offering protection to drug masterminds in the area.

The resurgence of Cold War dynamics and global power struggles seem to play a role in emboldening some African leaders to align with powerful nations like Russia, interpreting their non-interference stance as an opportunity to maintain control without external scrutiny. This shift in influence has been seen in events like the military coup in Niger, sponsored by pro-Russia forces, sparking tensions within the region.

Mathee wa Ngara’s arrest has revealed deeper complexities in the drug trade, raising questions about the extent of her involvement, her connections, and the sources of her protection. Despite the arrest, concerns remain about the continuous operation of her illegal enterprise and the potential for a bloodbath as geopolitical tensions escalate.

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