Deputy Speaker Assures Ugandan MPs: Country Can Thrive Independently Amid World Bank Suspension


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Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Thomas Tayebwa, has called upon Members of Parliament to maintain a composed demeanor following the World Bank’s decision to halt loan funding for Uganda.

Tayebwa, presiding over the session on Tuesday, reassured that the country’s operations won’t be disrupted due to the recent World Bank stance. He emphasized that Uganda is well-prepared and steadfast in standing by the decision made by its Parliament.

Tayebwa addressed the anxiety among MPs, pointing out that there’s no need to panic as if the nation is on the brink of shutting down. He reminded them that the decision made within the Parliament was anticipated to have consequences, and the country is resilient in the face of these outcomes.

He acknowledged that there were anticipated threats related to Uganda’s stance on homosexuality, but urged everyone to remain composed. He shared that he had seen a communication from the President indicating that discussions were underway with the World Bank. Therefore, there’s no need for alarm, and he urged the Executive branch to handle foreign relations, including dialogues with the World Bank.

Tayebwa also called upon the Ministry of Finance to provide updates to Parliament regarding potential actions aligned with the review of the national budget. He encouraged the Executive to fulfill its responsibilities, engage in foreign relations management, and collaborate with the World Bank as required. If necessary, Parliament would be ready to contribute its role.

In response, State Minister for Finance, Henry Musasizi, communicated that the Ministry had informed the Speaker’s office about an intended engagement with the Finance, Budget, and National Economy Committees.

Last week, President Yoweri Museveni accused the World Bank of attempting to manipulate his government using financial leverage due to Uganda’s anti-homosexuality legislation. This reaction followed the World Bank’s announcement of the suspension of new loans to Kampala. The bank cited a fundamental contradiction between Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act and its own values, leading to the decision to withhold new public financing for the time being.

Despite this, Museveni affirmed that Uganda’s development would progress with or without loans. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the World Bank and other parties attempting to influence Uganda’s values and sovereignty through monetary means. Museveni emphasized that Uganda could address its societal challenges independently and without external pressure.

However, the President indicated that discussions with the World Bank were ongoing, aiming to avoid a prolonged disagreement.

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