Bobi Wine Defends Position on World Bank Loan Cuts, Criticizes Western Hypocrisy on Human Rights Priorities


National Unity Platform party leader Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert, also known as Bobi Wine, defended his stance on World Bank loan reductions on Sunday. He asserted that the West displays hypocrisy by prioritizing LGBTQ rights over other severe human rights abuses in Africa.

Responding to what he referred to as “tough questions” posed by prominent gay rights activist and fervent NUP supporter Hillary Taylor Sseguya, recognized by his Twitter alias ‘Justice Hunter’, Bobi Wine expressed his view that the West’s emphasis on LGBTQ rights is inconsistent in comparison to its response to other human rights violations.

Bobi Wine stated, “We are questioning the selective scrutiny of human rights in Africa. In 2009, when Museveni was responsible for the Kayunga massacre during protests following his obstruction of the Kabaka’s territorial access, sanctions were absent. In 2014, when Museveni enacted the initial anti-gay Bill, sanctions were only imposed on Uganda. Museveni, employing Fox Odoi and Andrew Mwenda, later repealed the law through court proceedings.” Bobi continued, “For me and many Ugandans, we recognize that Museveni manipulates the anti-gay Bill for political reasons. He uses this law to garner favor, particularly from religious followers. We know he doesn’t approach this with genuine intent. Uganda faces numerous issues that require legislative attention, yet he prioritizes this. In 2016, two years after the first anti-gay bill, Museveni, led by Elwelu, orchestrated a massacre in Kasese. Many people, including women and children, were brutally killed. We called for sanctions, but Museveni remained unaffected. Among the victims, it’s uncertain if some were gay, but they were all human beings.”

Bobi Wine went on to point out that even during the November 2020 demonstrations in Kampala, where dozens of Ugandans lost their lives, Western sanctions were not imposed.

“In just two days, November 18th and 19th, 2020, the government was responsible for the deaths of numerous people. Over 150 deaths were captured on camera and received international media coverage. We demanded sanctions due to gross human rights violations. The right to life is a fundamental human right. Although we requested sanctions, little action was taken beyond issuing statements. In the 2021 January elections, Museveni blatantly rigged the process, blocking EU and US observers. Despite the US Department of State’s critique of the Ugandan elections, significant funds were subsequently provided to the Ugandan regime. We were left wondering about our shared values with the international community,” he emphasized. Bobi Wine added, “In 2023, Museveni reintroduces the anti-homosexuality Bill, utilizing it for political purposes when he lacks a substantial message for Ugandans. Interestingly, this is when the international community reacts. Our message is that all human rights are important.”

Regarding the reshuffling of Mpuuga, Bobi Wine urged an understanding and patient approach from concerned party members like Hillary Taylor, allowing the party to fulfill its responsibilities.

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