ONC Boss Namyalo Urges Bazukulu To Remain Focused On NRM Agenda, Trashes Gashumba’s Claims Over Multimillion M7 Campaign Cash Deal


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Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye, the head of the Office of the National Chairman (ONC), has called upon Bazzukulu (youths) all over the country, to adhere to the National Resistance Movement (NRM) main objectives of fostering security, political stability, wealth creation and securing a better future.

Namyalo, who revealed this in a press release issued by the ONC on Wednesday July 19, 2023, urged the youths to exercise the highest level of patriotism so as to work towards fighting poverty in Uganda through utilizing government programs like Parish Development Model (PDM), Emyooga, and Commercialization of Agriculture, plus gearing the country towards Industrialization.

Basing her press briefing on President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s latest national address, Namyalo said that; “Fellow Bazzukulu, on the 13th July 2023, H.E. The President addressed the nation on questions of security – against the background of the cowardly attack by remnants of the ADF on Nyabugaando Secondary School, near the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We, the Office of the National Chairperson and the Bazzukulu of Uganda, condemn the senseless and wanton attack in the strongest possible terms. We call upon all the Bazzukulu, to carefully reflect again on the words of Mzee.”

Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo addressing the press on matters of national importance

Commenting about the current situation in Africa, Namyalo noted that; “Mzee says that to ensure total security in the continent of Africa where colonialism ensured excessive political balkanization, we should have the right ideological orientation, by doing what the NRM has done in Uganda by ensuring the following:

(i). A strong Army that can fight any type of war;

(ii). A strong intelligence service that uses both human and technical means to detect and locate the enemies within the borders of Uganda and, in some cases, outside Uganda;

(iii). Maximum political cohesion within the Country based on broad-based legitimate interests of the people; and

(iv). Pan-African efforts to work with sister African Countries on matters of common interest such as trade, etc., including security.”

Hajjat Hadijah Uzeiye at the press conference

She reiterated the President’s words by asserting that; “Jajja underlined that the Bazzukullu have a role to play in all this. We, the Bazzukulu, must work together with all members of the Movement and all Ugandans, for maximum political cohesion in the country. We, the Bazzukulu, must re-double our efforts for the political integration of Mother Africa- working closely with all stakeholders at home and in the region.”

The ONC Boss also noted that; “In his address Mzee emphasized that this is how the NRM has turned Uganda into an Island of peace in the region where Uganda is not generating refugees and is, instead, receiving the highest number of refugees in Africa and No.3 in the whole World. There are now 1.53million refugees in Uganda. Mzee concluded that, “the attack on the children at Nyabugaando by ADF, does not mean strength, but great weakness. They cannot attack an Army detachment, they cannot attack a police station and they cannot attack soldiers on the move. The only people they can attack are unarmed people. He condemned what they did as reprehensible, inhuman and so unfair to the victims that it should not have happened. He continued saying that Uganda is working with the Countries of the region, using military, intelligence and diplomatic means.”

She also highlighted that as government wipes out the ADF and focuses on the security of the country, the Bazzukulu, who constitute the biggest percentage of Uganda’s population, need to be involved in wealth creation through PDM, the Emyooga, the commercialization of Agriculture and industrialization, so that our children and grandchildren, do not remain available for those manipulators to misuse by being recruited into ADF and other shallow groups.”

She made it clear that for the country to achieve the above objectives, the Bazzukulu have to do the following;

a). To always work for maximal political cohesion in the country;

b). To always work for the political integration of Mother Afrika.

c). To support wealth creation through: PDM, Emyooga, Commercialization of Agriculture; Industrialization.

d). To relentlessly fight against corruption.

“That is our focus, apart from ensuring that Mzee continues leading the Uganda Revolution up to 2026 and beyond. We shall not be diverted by sometimes petty and senseless contradictions within the Movement family, which some have been trying to draw us into. No, we shall not be diverted. We have work to do,” Namyalo said.

About Gashumba’s Claims

It should be noted that the media is this week awash with news of faded socialite Frank Gashumba alleging that he had secured a deal to print campaign materials for President Museveni’s 2026 Presidential, but that it was canceled by Namyalo, who instead gave it to someone else at the ONC.

However, Namyalo trashed Gashumba’s allegations as mere heresy that should not be given any attention saying; “Let me say only this: all the intellectual property and other rights regarding the work we do in the course of duty belong to the Movement – not to any of us. Secondly, any work we assign to anybody, is fully paid for.”

She concluded by noting that; “In any case, those minor irritants are now subjudice. We have nothing more to say on the matter.”

Sitting at Kyambogo, Hajjati Namyalo is Chairperson/National Coordinator of the Bazzukulu Political Affairs and Personal Assistant Office of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) National Chairman.

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