OP-ED: ‘Urgently Investigate Mobile Money Fraud’- Whistleblower Tells State House Anti-Corruption Unit


By Anyeko Benard Masanga

Lira: I am Anyeko Benard Masanga, based in Lira in the Lango sub-region. I am blowing the whistle for the first time on a new mode of suspected corruption involving payment via mobile money by workshop organizers.

This has become a widespread issue in Northern Uganda. It is caused by untrusted officials who are suspected of embezzling the facilitation money intended for transport refunds, accommodation, and tokens of appreciation for participants, using their own new style of sharing the loot.

In my opinion, the Ugandan government should take action and initiate immediate investigations through the State House Anti-Corruption Unit. They should find out which government departments, ministries, organizations, and partners have collected people’s signatures and phone numbers over the last four months, promised payment, and then failed to deliver the allowances they initially promised.

Therefore, I request that people be paid using “hard cash” instead of mobile money since some individuals are misappropriating government funds under the guise of paying participants via mobile money, which has resulted in widespread complaints.

Many people in Northern Uganda have lost hope in the payment system used by certain NGOs and government ministries that organize workshops/trainings. They make promises to participants but ultimately fail to send any money, even after four or five months. In the Lango sub-region and Northern Uganda, we have a record of workshop names organized by suspected individuals in prominent offices in Kampala who only register participants but fail to provide any facilitation money through the mobile money system.

“Write your number, which is registered on mobile money, and we shall send you transport refunds and accommodation money” are the common words used to corrupt participants, says Anyeko Benard Masanga.

According to Anyeko Benard Masanga, many people are silently suffering here in Northern Uganda. I want to emphasize that the government should investigate the organizers of workshops held by several government ministries through the State House Anti-Corruption Unit. Most of these organizers have deceived participants and have not made a single payment to date.

Several trainings were conducted in Northern Uganda, including Lira, towards the end of the financial year and in the last three months. However, no payments have been made thus far. The responsible individuals must be held accountable. If they believe I am lying, I am prepared to mention all their names, the dates the workshops were conducted, as well as the venues and invitation letters.

Some payment sheets are signed without figures, while in other cases, the numbers are suspected to be exaggerated.

Imagine coming from Dokolo, Kole, Amolatar, Kwania, or Oyam Alebtong, and being deceived by people who promised to send transport refunds via mobile money on Monday, only to wait for four months. I kindly request our government to help guide us and put an end to this practice immediately.

I rest my case.

Anyeko Bernard Masanga Lira, Lango sub-region, Uganda Phone: +256 772 324 093

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