OP-ED: NRM Defeat In Oyam North By-election Calls For Party Restructuring


Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., a renowned human rights activist once attributed to a favourite quote that said; “Our lives shall begin to rot the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Having grown up in the NRM regime, I will not get shy to talk about the things that matter. I was born during the day and the sun is my light. I always get frustrated because of that but I will never give up in any circumstances.

NRM should learn a big lesson from the just concluded By-election of Oyam North. July 6th 2023 should be ring-fenced and made a day well remembered in the NRM fraternity for messes and losses incurred. Otherwise, the future of NRM in Lango Sub Region and Uganda as a whole looks seemingly blunt and the worst is yet to come.

The so-called NRM cadres in Lango and wherever are scapegoats! The majority of them plus some leaders are fake! I must say it. They feel others can’t do anything tangible and they are the only ones who can. Nothing else without them syndrome which is very dangerous and devastating. They are full of blackmail, and intrigue and their hands are bloody.

The best they know is to destroy upcoming and upright fresh blood that are seen as potential threats to their gainful activities. They do things only to pumper their egos and to sugarcoat their (our) superiors. Most of them go to show off. It is appalling that such a negative attitude in the party degenerates into pandemonium which is unnecessary and ultimately sheds a dark future, especially for the upcoming youth in the party.

In a nutshell, they are like some wild animals in the forest where if you throw a stone in the forest they will all come out to attack you. Let them feel the Oyam North By-election outcome but we have lots to share about though.

I still reiterate my statement that; “It’s very unfortunate and unfair, that we have lost the hotly contested Oyam North By-election but also we must acknowledge that mistakes were made right from day one which should inform accurate decisions from our party leaders for better preparation in the next election. NRM should allow for free and fair NRM Party Primary competition to source for a candidate well-deserved by the electorate not the mentality syndrome of superimposed candidates by leaders. This will kill the Party”.

The NRM Chairman of the Mighty Party should consider restructuring the party and making an overhaul if we are to rejuvenate again. If he doesn’t find it imperative to do so, I would appeal that, he relinquishes his tenure of service and power to Kanerugaba Muhoozi.

Finally, the party should also consider executing fresh identification of cadres and training them for future assignments and political journeys ahead of them. Sort of the aforementioned, we are bound to continue losing in the party as well as losing potential candidates.

For God and My Country. The writer; Ken Allan Owani | Tel: 0782346922, is a hardened frustrated NRM member, a former Lira Municipal Council NRM Councilor who served for the past 15 years, in social protection and a vocal anti-corruption activist who continues to suffer in his quest for accountability from some enemies of development.

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