10 Easy Tips To Save Fuel While Driving


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Everyone wants to avoid hefty bills for petrol or diesel. However, it becomes increasingly difficult with continuously rising fuel costs.

As petrol prices reach an all-time high in the country, it’s time we looked at some of the best fuel-saving tips.

Let’s start!

What Are the Best Tips to Save Fuel?

Presently, a vehicle’s fuel efficiency is key to saving fuel. Hence, people are opting for vehicles with high fuel efficiency. On that note, here are some tips on how can you save fuel.

1. Do Not Leave the Car on Idle for a Long

A vehicle consumes fuel even when the engine is idle. Hence, it makes sense that you turn the engine off at crossings, red lights, and traffic jams. Moreover, restarting an engine takes about the same amount of fuel that idling a vehicle for 30 seconds takes. So it’s better to save petrol by turning off the engine.

2. Maintain Your Vehicle

Properly maintaining your vehicle can help to save fuel. So, keep your wheels properly aligned, the air filter clean and use high-quality energy-conserving oils. Save fuel by maintaining your vehicle.

3. Do Not Drive Aggressively

If the jammed streets do not allow you to drive rashly, thank them for helping you save fuel. Fast starts, swerving in and out of traffic, and accelerating are how you can increase fuel consumption. So practice fuel-efficient driving.

4. When On the Highway Rely on Cruise Control

Another fuel-saving tip is to avoid unnecessary speed changes when driving on the highway. Hence, use cruise control. Also, when driving uphill, there is no need to step your foot on the gas as the engine is already consuming a lot of fuel. Instead, drive at a steady pace.

5. Carpool

The best advice we can give you on how to save petrol is to carpool actively. Rope in colleagues and friends and create a route so that all of you alternatively benefit from the move.

6. Amp the Aerodynamics of Your Vehicle

One of the ways to save fuel while driving is to reduce wind drag. When driving at highway speeds keeping the windows down increases aerodynamic drag. Hence, this could result in a 10% decrease in fuel efficiency. So roll up the windows for better fuel efficiency.

7. Use the Air Con When You Need It

Air cons are arguably the biggest drain on fuel. So the best fuel-saving tip we can leave you with is to use the aircon sparingly. Doing so can reduce fuel consumption by 5-20%. Also, park in the shade to prevent the fuel from evaporating.

8. Observe the Speed Limit

There is a 10-15% increased improvement in fuel economy when driving at 55 miles per hour than at 65 miles per hour.

9. Keep Tires Inflated to Correct the Pressure

Keep the vehicle’s tyre pressure at the recommended level. Doing so is a real fuel-saving booster.

10. Keep a Lighter Trunk

Vehicles provide better mileage when they are not heavily loaded. It is an old fuel-saving trick that additional weight in the trunk lowers fuel efficiency.

To conclude, follow these nifty fuel-saving tips and reduce those petrol and diesel bills!

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