Five Untouchable Bukedea Police Officers Charged With Murder, Aggravated Robbery


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The State House Anti Corruption Unit together with sister security agencies and the Regional Police, Kyoga East, have arraigned and charged 5 Police officers attached to Bukedea before the Magistrates Court of Bukedea.

The officers, namely D/ASP Ehguloiti Alex, PC Akankwasa Onesmus, D/C Oriokot Simon Peter, PC Kamakoin Difas, and PC Born Naibei, faced charges of Aggravated Robbery. They were subsequently remanded in custody until the 27th of July 2023.

As per the report provided by the State House Anti-Corruption Unit, it is alleged that on the night of the 4th of June 2023, the accused officers, armed with SMG guns, forcibly entered the residence of Agume Alfred, a campaign agent for candidate Omagor Steven. Their primary motive was to steal Omagor’s electoral documents and other belongings, with the aim of preventing his nomination in the recently concluded LCV by-elections in Bukedea District.

Further investigations uncovered additional information pertaining to D/ASP Ehguloiti. It was discovered that he possessed other police files linked to similar unlawful activities that took place during the 2021 elections.

These files were thoroughly examined, revealing that the suspect, D/ASP Ehguloiti, had been charged with the murder and aggravated torture of two individuals while they were in police custody. Tragically, the victims ultimately succumbed to their injuries.

Background of the problem

Ahead of the June 15, 2023 by-election, one of the aspirants, David Steven Omagor, on an independent ticket was attacked by a group of over 50 goons as he approached the Electoral Commission offices for nomination.

He was badly beaten by the goons who had surrounded him and in the process, his clothes were torn whereas the same group made off with his nomination papers.

Earlier, there was also a raid at Omagor’s home and several documents including nomination papers he had earlier prepared stolen as well as campaign cash amounting to  shs162 million and an Audemars Piguet royal oak wristwatch valued at Shs84m.
The by-election was later won by NRM’s Mary Akol won after Omagor had been withdrawn from the race.

In his directive to the State House Anti-Corruption Unit, President Museveni says he has been informed that the violence was orchestrated by the government to stop Omagor from being nominated.

“The EC had to extend the nomination days when he appealed. Even then when he went for nomination, he was attacked at the gate of the Electoral Commission. Come election morning, Government officials invaded the polling stations and voted on behalf of the voters. This sounds like a film,” Museveni wondered.

According to the president, he can’t allow the country to slip back to the chaos of 1980 which partly saw him and his group go to the bush.

However, I want to be sure that Uganda does not go back to the crime of 1980, with the Muwanga elections that forced us to go to the bush. Therefore, investigate these claims and if any criminality was committed, take action and report back.”

The directive has been copied to the Vice President, Speaker of Parliament, Prime Minister, NRM Secretary General, NRM electoral commission chairperson and the Inspector General of Police.

Who was behind the chaos?

We learnt that Ehguloiti was on the loose, together with Police Constables; Onesimus Akwankwasa, Simon Peter Oriokot, Kamakoin Difas and Born Naibei all attached to Bukedea CPS.

Eghuloit and his colleagues were armed with an SMG assault rifle and used it to finish their operation against Omagor.
Sources confirm that Ehguloti operates with so much authority trickling down through a powerful official from Teso and many times he has been shielded from any form of reprimand because of this connection.

Ehguloiti is the finisher on behalf of the official and he is untouchable whether by default of by fault. He runs things and calls the shots as long as the powers that be remain tilted in his favour.

Murder, one of Ehguloiti’s cases

Ehguloiti’s share of sacrilege goes as far as January when one Michael Ojakol died in police custody together with another suspect Joseph Okwalinga died moments after being admitted to Mbale regional hospital.

Ojakol and Okwalinga had been arrested in connection to the murder of Francis Opolot of Kachumbala Bukedea.
The two deceased cellmates were found with torture marks, a broken neck, a broken spine, and damaged kidneys which pointed to the fact that they had been tortured in cells.

However, the case died before the deceased could be buried, leaving Ehguloiti with another day to cut loose.

Robbery of Shs15m and Techno phone

On the night they attacked Omagor at his colleague’s home in Bukedea. Ehguloiti and his goons are said to have assaulted the woman they found in the house, one Beatrice Anyait.

According to information obtained by Nile Post, Ehguloiti and his colleagues stole Shs15m that was in Anyait’s possession and also grabbed her mobile phone, a Techno Camon 19 PRO.

Ehguloiti’s goose is cooked

It took another powerful person in President Yoweri Museveni to trim Ehguloiti to size, as his powerful connections can no longer fit the socket size.

Ehguloiti has been arrested finally and all his cases brought to the chargesheet.

There were attempts again to sneak him out of the trouble but the power of the President can not be blocked, which leaves him and his human shield in a serious panic.

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