‘You’re Steering Well’- Owobusobozi Bisaka Lauds President Museveni For Appointing ONC Head ‘Uzeiye’, Calls Upon Believers To Support the ‘Jajja Tova ku Main project’


Omukama Ruhaga Owobusobozi Bisaka has commended President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for Appointing Hajjat Namyalo Hadijah Uzeiye to steer the Office of the National Chairman (NRM) at Kyambogo and called on the Faith of Unity believers to Support the Jajja ‘Tova ku Main project’ that will see the president come back in 2026 Elections.

Owobusobozi Bisaka made remarks last night at his home in Kitoma, Kibale District when over 2600 believers were inaugurated to start saving Omukama Ruhaga Owobusobozi Bisaka and also teaching and spreading the Unity of Faith word to everyone so that people in the world can be in Oneness than togetherness.

Owobusobozi Bisaka welcoming new converts

While welcoming the new covenants from various religions ie:- Islam, Catholicism, Anglican, Hindu, and other Christian religions, Omukama Ruhanga Owobusobozi Bisaka gave them the book of Faith, and a Faith of Unity calendar emphasizing them to keep peace and love for each other.

He further emphasized them never to go against the Faith of Unity rules which include not drinking alcohol, theft, distancing away from Homosexual acts, etc.

In his conclusion, Owobusobozi Bisaka told the congregation that they only conduct prayer gatherings three days a month” as guided by the Faith of Unity Calendar- Owobusobozi Bisaka.

Finally, Owobusobozi called upon all believers to support the ruling Government of National Resistance Movement (NRM) and involve themselves in Government programs like the Parish Development model (PDM), Emyoga and also supporting President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

He concluded his speech by thanking President Museveni for donating to him a 2020 New model Land curser Car which he showed his Followers.
“We have 27 working days and only gather for prayers on every 2nd, 12th, and 22nd of a month” – said

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The Kibaale District local government headed by Eng. Kasanga Muwonge urged the general public always to work hard and to always consider peace, love, and Unity in Oneness but not in togetherness and forgiveness as their key principles if they are to develop.

Eng. Kasanga Muwonge the Kibaale District Chairperson In Yellow

This Faith was founded 43 years ago in Kitono, Kibale District with its founder Omukama Ruhaga Owobusobozi Bisaka.

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