Okullo Patrick Okeng: Anybody Importing Negative Values Through Homosexuality Should Be Punished 


Reported By Okidi Patrick

Lango Subregion: I am calling upon cultural leaders regardless of their political affiliation to go against the practice associated with homosexuality in the country and in our region.

As cultural leaders in Tekwaro, Lango, we so much understand our values and not moved by whoever tends to import negative values to polarize and underminene African greater values.

It is a high time leader’s stand up boldly, take responsibility in their various positions as cultural leaders and officials in government to offer a lasting solution through policies and enactment of laws that will see promoters of homosexuality and lesbianism punished.

This is a direct insult from some western imperialists, which should be condemned and rebuked by cultural leaders who are responsible for enforcing greater values of Africans and our cultural values from within the region.

Homosexuality is against the principle of social values in the sense that it denies human reproduction and is not backed by science contrary to God’s creation.

A man by law is not supposed to marry a fellow man according to the bible and according to laws acceptable in our land.

‘‘I want to be on record that we don’t appreciate the promoters of homosexuality and their money that they are bringing to destroy our culture , but we need our cultures more than them,’’ says Okullo.

I appeal to the 11th parliament of Uganda to expertise the process of enacting the laws that will secure our cultural values and norms and avoid enacting laws that will put our cultural norms and values at stake.

In conclusion, I am calling upon institutions and organizations ranging from government, traditional leaders, religious leaders etc to strengthen their institutions and leave no window open for importers of Homosexuality and lesbianism in our land because they lure our people using money.

The writer is a cultural leader and a politician from Ajuri County, Alebtong District In Lango Sub-region.

Okullo Patrick Okeng, Minister Information, Tekwaro Lango.

He can be reached on Tel- +256 772 868 107  or EMAIL-  okullopatrickokeng@gmail.com

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