ONC Boss ‘Uzeiye’ Sets Her Focus On Wakiso District In Fight Against Corruption, Land Grabbing


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The head of the Office of the National Chairman Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye has waged war against [the so-called untouchable] land grabbers and Corrupt Wakiso District government officials who swindle government money meant to revive residents from poverty.

Hajjat Uzeiye revealed the war yesterday while meeting NRM leaders, local leaders, NRM mobilizers, Wakiso Resident City Commissioners (RDCs), Town Clerks of Wakiso and supporters from formal and informal sectors to endorse President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to run for 2026 presidency under, ‘Omalako Jjajja Tova Ku Main Campaign’ at Nsangi playground, Kyengera Town Council, Wakiso District.
“We need to help ourselves, let’s come out and demand who eats Wakiso money. We shall fear no one. Government releases money for projects like Parish Development Model but who has got that money? I have waged a war on those who have always been eating that money without fear.” She said.

Hajjat Hadijah having an interaction with People with Disabilities who expressed disappointment to their leaders for frustrating their efforts to benefit from government programmes

She added that people pay taxes but they don’t receive services because of corrupt officials whose aim is to feed their berries.
“I have always heard that people in Wakiso make SACCOs but if I may ask how many SACCOs have received this money? That is why the opposition is fighting us. People look at us as thieves yet those who eat this money are in those offices. It is now our war to fight these thieves and clean the name of NRM.”

Hajjat Namyalo encouraged youth to continue demanding accountability from their leaders in order to fight against the misuse of government funds.
“We need to know who is stealing this money because this is our mandate as citizens of Uganda to demand accountability,” Namyalo noted.

ONC Spokesperson crosses arms and looks disappointed as residents ask for help on corruption Land grabbing and evictions in Wakiso district

On Land Grabbing and Evictions

Henry Luzinda, the ONC Coordinator for Greater Wakiso reported to Hajjat Uzeiye that the land problem starts from the Land Office.
“This Wakiso lands office is the source of all problems in this district. They are extremely corrupt and don’t care provided one comes with cash. People want to see the president arresting those thugs and dump them to Luzira” he said.

To prove how serious the issue is, Luzinda paraded before Hajat Uzeiye an old man in his 80s whose Land in Buwaate is threatened by grabbers who want even to demolish his house. He tabled before the Chief Muzzukulu documents which the old man says make him the legitimate owner of the Land.

In response, Hajjat Namyalo disclosed that It was unfortunate that Wakiso people can’t do the president’s 4-acre model because of Land grabbing.

Henry Luzinda and Abdul Kiyimba leads Hajjat Namyalo to the venue

She however told residents that nobody should come to Wakiso to evict people using the president’s name.
“President Museveni has told us whenever we asked him about this issue and he says he has never sent anyone to evict people. So, I want to assure you Wakiso people, that Museveni as NRM chairman has never sent anyone to evict you and we shall fight this vice until we win,” she said.

She advised people to mobilize themselves to fight whenever there is an attempt to evict them.
“Even if you don’t get on well with your neighbour, if he’s being evicted, fight together. Don’t sit, Let’s mobilize ourselves and fight land grabbers” she advised, adding that at times, those who evict people do it with the help of soldiers and police.

Some of the residents listening attentively as Uzeiye speaks

She warned security agencies against getting involved in such corrupt tendencies which taint the image of their commander-in-chief. She said some soldiers who participate in such illegalities have orders from above.

On request by Hajjat Uzeiye to explain why the soldiers get involved in evicting people, Maj. Charles Kabona, the 1st division spokesperson said it’s not the policy of the army as an institution to engage in evicting people.
“Those doing this are doing it at an individual level, not as an institution. Whoever does it, report that person to authorities like the RDC or police so that the army takes it from there. No soldier is above the law” he said.

Uganda Medical Association (UMA) boss Samuel Oledo was at the event and promised free medical checkups for all ONC activities

Uzeiye said her office is working out a program to equip the youth and women with entrepreneurship and savings skills.

She said the president is equally concerned that even though he brings many programs and sends money, his people at the grassroots don’t get this money. She said the president is wondering why projects are not reaching the grassroots with all the ministers and MPs.

Hajjat Namyalo having an interaction with Wakiso RDC Mbabazi

Wakiso District RDC Justine Mbabazi says she is overwhelmed by complaints related to land grabbing caused by the people she referred to as mafias.
“Land grabbing is a big challenge here in Wakiso. You’re here handling a Land issue (but) they are evicting people elsewhere. So, this is Ggwanga Mujje. RDCs as heads of District Security Committees, you must ensure you fight Land grabbing in Wakiso,” said Wakiso RDC Justine Mbabazi.

She further condemned the acts of corruption exhibited by some leaders to oppress the locals whom they are expected to serve.

She called upon the people of Wakiso to verify court documents regarding land evictions saying that without a signature from the office of the RDC, such documents should not be honoured.

Wakiso District RDC Ms Justine Mbabazi endorsing President Museveni for 2026 elections

The RDC said they are soon embarking on holding barazas, where officials will be tasked to account for funds meant for critical government programs and those who will fail, shall be arrested.
“We’re going to start barazas to ask officials where the money goes,” Mbabazi said and also warned against levying charges from women who benefit from the night economy like food vendors, and chicken roasters among others.

The function was also attended by the NRM director for mobilization at the NRM secretariat Rosemary Sseninde who scoffed at those who thought NRM had lost ground in Wakiso.

She said the crowds that attended the celebrations were clear evidence that NRM is still strong in Wakiso.
“Let’s continue loving each other. Let’s be united. Whenever we fight, we give chance to the opposition to defeat us. NRM is a mass party, so let’s continue supporting Museveni because he’s a gift to us from God” she said and thanked the ONC head Hajat Uzeiye for rejuvenating NRM support in the country.

Wakiso District RDC Justine Mbabazi share a moment with Hon. Rosemary Sseninde at the function

Wakiso District NRM chairman Hajji. Abdu Kiyimba said that grounded people like him and others in the ruling National Resistance Movement still have President Museveni as the preferred flag bearer.

Wakiso District NRM Chairman Hajji Abdu Kiyimba endorsing Museveni for 2026 elections

He said NRM is the only party with the right to send Museveni to retirement.
“It is up to the NRM to say to Museveni, we now need another person, step aside, but as of now, we love NRM so much and as Wakiso, we need Museveni. Those who say they don’t want him, it’s their right to bring theirs. Those things of (first son) Muhoozi, we don’t know them because Museveni hasn’t told us that he’s leaving. We still want him,” Wakiso district NRM chairman Hajji. Abdu Kiyimba said.



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