‘You Will Be Accountable Of Every Single Coin You Misuse!’ – ONC Boss Hajat Namyalo Warns Gov’t Officials At Launch Of UGX 1.9Bn For PDM In Kiboga


The SPA/PA-ONC, Hajat Hadijah Namyalo Huzeiye, Energy Minister Ruth Nankabirwa together with Hon Sozi Galabuzi and the Parish Development Model (PDM) Secretariat have launched a 1.95 Billion PDM funds in Kiboga District.

While officiating at a function to launch the PDM in the districts of Greater Kiboga on Thursday, February 16, 2023, Namyalo urged local leaders to be open while distributing the funds and ensure that locals benefit from the PDM project to avoid tarnishing the reputation of the ruling party.

She noted that there has been a challenge in the distribution of funds where some local leaders have misused or misappropriated the PDM funds.

“Transparency is not showing off but being accountable and showing that money has been received by the right people. The transparency leaders have shown today by openly distributing the money to Sacco members should be maintained always. We have witnessed Hon Galabuzi giving out the money via cheque in Kiboga and this should be done in other areas.” she said.

From Left, Min. Nankabirwa, Kiboga RDC, Hajat Namyalo handing over a Cheque of over 33 million to one of the saccos

Namyalo was however concerned that some areas are unable to access the funds for unclear reasons which requires a follow up.

“What about other areas that have not received the PDM funds? Locals claim they were denied access to those funds and that is why all handlers of this money need to be transparent as it has been done today in Kiboga,” She added

She warned individuals to avoid tarnishing the name of the NRM party and the national chairman, President Museveni, by are crippling government efforts to ensure prosperity and development for all Ugandans.

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She further explained that government has put in place a number of programmes to ensure prosperity among citizens, however, bad-hearted officials are using these programmes to acheive their selfish interests.

Hajat Namyalo shortly addressing the press after the event

Energy Minister Ruth Nankabirwa assured locals that the government is willing to provide what’s required to elevate people from poverty through economic and social transformation.

She praised the PDM program saying these funds will save people from the pressure of the money lenders.

“Our poor people borrow money at high interest rates from money lenders. Those who fail to pay back in time, the money lenders instead confiscate their properties. The PDM funds will therefore save poor people from borrowing any howly” the minister said.

She however cautioned the people against misusing PDM funds, adding that Parish Chiefs and local leaders need to identify the poorest individuals to receive these funds.
She further clarified that PDM funds are meant for all Ugandans regardless of one’s political affiliation.
“I want to urge the communities to utilize the PDM funds well to enable government invest more in this program,” the minister said.

Deputy Attorney General Jackson Rwakafuzi also said that PDM was formed by NRM government to uplift standards of living and welfare of ugandans.

“This program was launched by President Museveni in February 2022 as a strategy for organizing and developing public and private sector interventions for wealth creation and employment generation at the lowest economic planning unit,” he said.


It should be remembered that government allocated Shs 1.49 trillion towards the Parish Development Model to cover 10,594 parishes in the country. The distribution of funds has been divided into 18 clusters representative of the 18 sub-regions.

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