OP-ED: Jajja Tova Ku Main: Bazzukulu Induction Lecture


By: Kyeswa Hakim

We all know and believe that the role of political mobilizers is more appreciated and evidenced during political campaigns and election times, it is not only limited to the candidate and the party interest but also fades out after the season which creates many unanswered questions about who monitors, evaluates, appreciates or criticizes the work done by successful candidates after campaigns.

The gap created attracts many opportunists and disappointments amongst the voters of betrayal and not keeping the promise.

Natiinal Resistance Movement (NRM) is a national liberation movement, not necessarily a political party, and under chapter 2, article 6 of the NRM constitution, states that it is a multi-ideological, multi-interest and mass organization which welcomes and accommodates everyone willing and able to contribute towards its core principles in all aspects of life.

However, cadre ship as defined by Rt. Major Kigozi Kaweesa, is commitment, understanding and knowledge acquisition that has been a core value of the movement.

Citing its positive results, the Office of the National Chairman (ONC) of NRM under the leadership of Special Presidential Advisor/Personal Assistant – ONC Hajjat Hadijjah Namyalo Uzeiye after the national wide launch of the JAJJA TOVA KU MAIN campaign, conducted three days training of for the NRM coordinators (BAZZUKULU) and equipped them with new digital data handling equipment that are smartphones and laptops to monitor, evaluate, report or suggesting solutions for matters as directed by the National Chairman like illegal selling of human internal organs, district service commissions, illegal evictions, different government community financing organs like PDM, CDD, UDB, district scholarships and challenges in the health sector.

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Hajat Namyalo handing over new laptops and phones to ONC Coordinators

Since it is a unique mobilization strategy, it has encountered a lot of criticism and opposition from some self-centred NRM supporters for reasons well known. Some of the people opposing the approach are the disgruntled cadres who believe that they were supposed to be among the coordinators, which is very dangerous for someone to think that whatever they are not part of is wrong.

The other group fighting hard to discredit the current ONC is the group of misguided former ONC occupants who think that the ONC was their ancestral home.

Some of ONC coordinators receiving their brand new phones

On the other hand, the opposition is also shaken for its strategy of checking and lamenting about government failures is now addressed by the Bazzukulu.

However, this has not stopped the Chief Muzzukulu SPA Hadijjah Uzeiye from executing her roles and mandate amidst petty chicken wars.

The training together with the induction gave birth to a new formidable group of young mobilisers well-grounded to execute their mandates as guided by the National Chairman of NRM and I believe the mission is feasible.

Kyeswa Hakim 

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