Ministry Of Works Officials In Trouble For Hiding UG Airlines Boss Bamuturaki’s Appointment Letter, Advertising Hoax Job


Several officials at the Ministry of Works and Transport are in trouble for allegedly hiding Uganda Airlines Executive Director Jennifer Bamuturaki Abwooli’s appointment later, and instead advertised her job three months later.

It should be noted that the Uganda Airlines Act Of 1976, Chapter 323, clause 8, which commenced on 17, May 1976, gives the President powers to appoint the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the national airliner.

By the time the Act was enacted Bamuturaki was just 5 years old, growing up at her village home in then Kabarole District (now Kyenjojo District).

“The Corporation shall have a general manager, who shall be appointed by the President for such period and upon such terms and conditions as the President may determine. The general manager shall be the chief executive officer of the corporation and shall devote the whole of his or her time to the duties of his or her office, reads the Act in part.

“Subject to this Act and the general supervision and control of the board, the general manager shall be responsible for the management of the funds, property and business of the corporation and for the administration, organization and control of the staff of the corporation,” it adds.

The Act doesn’t mandate the Board of Directors or Ministry of Works and Transport to advertise and source for the most qualified candidate for the position.

It was upon this law that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni based to appoint Cornwell Muleya, a Zambian aviation consultant as the Uganda Airlines CEO, at a salary of Shs127m per month.

However, when Muleya failed to perform his duties as expected, Museveni decided to appoint Bamuturaki to replace him.

But new intelligence indicates that there are some saboteurs at the Works who, instead of effecting the presidential appointment, instead chose to hide her appointment letter and advertised the job after 3 months.

The intelligence indicates that Museveni’s letter took 3 months to reach its destination something that has since shocked him.

Sources reveal that when Museveni learnt of Muleya’s failure to perform as expected, he on April 24, 2022, wrote a letter in which he directed Minister Gen. Katumba to ensure Bamuturaki replaces the Zambian
as substantive CEO on a 3-year contract.

Museveni letter reads in part thus; “According to my intelligence, Jennifer Bamuturaki has performed well in quite a hostile environment. I, myself, was flown by the new CRJ-900 to Nairobi and back the other day by the very able young pilots from Soroti with the capable air-hostesses. I direct that you give Jennifer Bamuturaki a substantive appointment for 3 years.”

We have established however that instead of effecting the presidential directive, some saboteurs (names withheld for now) at the Ministry concealed the letter for three months and instead contracted consultancy firm PWC (Price waterhouse Coopers) to advertise the position with intent to source someone to replace Muleya.

PWC was paid a whooping Shs 98.1m to run adverts in selected media houses, urging interested candidates to apply for the job!

The adverts were published on 24, June 2022, almost three months after Museveni had already directed Katumba to appoint Bamuturaki as CEO.

Intelligence indicates that the Mafia
intercepted the letter, confiscated it and thereafter launched the hunt for a new CEO via PWC adverts, without Museveni’s knowledge.

The mafias expected that Bamuturaki, who wasn’t aware of Museveni’s letter, would be among the first applicants and by doing so, she would have validated their exercise, which would later do everything humanely possible to foil her.
“They had planned to give Jennifer almost only F9s in the interviews and later show Museveni that he was wrong by choosing a failure, who, already the Muleya team had earlier kicked out on basis of ‘incompetence and non performance’. Actually, Jennifer was wiser not to apply, because these guys had wanted to correspond her performance in the interviews with the earlier report which they had forged against her, alleging that she was so ‘green’ about the Aviation Industry. With such results, they thought they would convince Mzee to ignore his earlier choice and show him that Jennifer was a nonstarter,” our source revealed via phone last night.

It shouldn’t shock anyone to learn that the very first question Joel Ssenyonyi asked had been sent via his phone to asked Bamuturaki when she appeared for the COSASE, which he heads as Chairperson, was whether she was among those who applied for the job, to which she answered the negative.

Her answer instigated the second question; Why she didn’t apply, to which she replied that she had been already appointed by the position was advertised.

These, according to our source, were pre-set questions by her detractors who thought they would use COSASE to punch holes in her appointment.

Little did they know that through her sharpness, Bamuturaki had managed to access a copy of the letter.

Sources revealed to this website that the main reason why the Mafias want Bamuturaki out is because she is a stumbling block in their unsanctioned deals at the airport, which are worth millions of dollars.

Outsmart Museveni Outwits The Mafia

According to our sources, when Museveni learnt about the sabotage, he decided to write another appointment letter, called Gen. Katumba and directed him to personally deliver it to Bamuturaki.

Now, our impeccable sources within the corridors of power intimate that Museveni has since deployed an investigations team to probe the matter and compile a report indicating how his letter was intercepted, by who and what their intention was.

Museveni also wants to know who will be responsible and culpable for the money (Shs 98.1m) paid to PWC advertise a position for which he had already appointed someone.

It is said that his intention is to establish whether he is unknowingly fighting internal wars for Mafias at the Ministry of Works and at what cost’.

“You see, let me tell you, when Muleya and Perez Ahabwe (former Uganda Airlines Board Chairman) were invited to COSASE, we waited to see whether Ssenyonyi would ask them to explain how they got their jobs, whether they sat interviews or were appointed and if they were appointed, who appointed them? However, he never asked them such questions something that has since left unanswered about his credibility as the COSASE Chairperson,” our source reasoned.

It is for that reason that Museveni reportedly wants to establish, through the investigation, whether Ssenyonyi is doing this by omission or commission.

Finally, it is in that same vein that this editor would like establish when and where, since 1986, adverts and interviews were conducted for Executive Directors and CEOs of the following government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), so that Bamuturaki’s detractors can have basis on which to continue witch-hunting her:

1- Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

2- Uganda Airlines

3- Dairy Development Authority (DDA)

4- Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA)

5- Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)

6- Inspectorate of Government (IGG)

7- Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU)

8- Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA)

9- Judicial Service Commission (JSC)

10- National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS)

11- National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO)

12- National Council of Sports (NCS)

13- National Drug Authority (NDA)

14- National Forestry Authority (NFA)

15- National Information Technology Authority (NITA)

16- National Medical Stores (NMS)

17- National Planning Authority (NPA)

18- National Social Security Fund (NSSF)

19- Population Secretariat

20- Private Sector Foundation Uganda

21- Privatisation & Utility Sector Reform Project (PUSRP)

22- Public Procurement And Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA)

23- Public Service Commission (PSC)

24- The Amnesty Commission Uganda (ACU)

25- Auditor General

26- The Uganda Road Fund (URF)

27- Uganda Communications Commission (UCC)

28- Uganda Electricity Generation Co. Ltd.(UEGCL)

29- Uganda Electricity Transmission Co. Ltd.

30- Uganda Export Promotion Board (UEPB)

31- Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC)

32- Uganda Insurance Commission (UIC)

33- Uganda Electoral Commission

34- Uganda Investment Authority

35- Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS)

36- Uganda National Chamber of Commerce & Industry (UNCCI)

37- Uganda National Council for Science & Technology (UNCST)

38- Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB)

39- Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA)

40- Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB)

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