Just In: Equity Bank Officials, Sudhir On Spot In Simbamanyo Fraudulent Sale Case


The High Court was yesterday Friday September 9,2022, filled with drama as Equity Bank lawyer Sim Katende almost collapsed with frustration and threw tantrums after Justice Stephen Mubiru indicated he was not about to grant him leave to appeal his (Justice Mubiru’s) August 9th order directing him and the Bank to produce in court emails and documents exchanged between him the Equity Bank Managing Director Samuel Kirubi, Sudhir Ruparelia of Meera Investments Ltd on the Simbamanyo fraudulent sale case.

During the exchange, the Judge asked Sim Katende the simple question whether he and his clients had the documents or not, he only threw tantrums and could be heard muttering that he would consult his clients. Yet he also was required to comply with the order.

After heavy exchange with the judge during which the Lawyer Sim Katende threw tantrums , the no-nonsense Judge refused to be intimidated/bullied by the lawyers antics and insisted that the applicants comply with the court order on/or before Tuesday September 13th, 2022. He stood over the matter until then.

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