MATHIAS LUTWAMA: Why Ugandans Love Gen. Muhoozi Just With Passion


Kainerugaba Muhoozi, is a first class soldier, with celebrated Fecundity, at the mention of his name, high ranking officers in USA and Britain, salute with Majesty.

Kainerugaba Muhoozi, is a vivacious guardian of Progress, admired by lawyers and economists, Doctors and Engineers, teachers and peasants, the youth and the elderly.

Kainerugaba Muhoozi, is a citadel of glory, in the realm of patriotism, guarding Uganda and Africa, with the emblem of sovereignty.

Kainerugaba Muhoozi,is just a wonder, with a simulation of giftings, in Command and war symetry, in diplomacy and black Prowess.

Kainerugaba Muhoozi, is a vanguard of heroism, blending the bridge, btn the NRM fathers, and the new Caders of of the times

Kainerugaba Muhoozi, is a thinker and statesman, a diamond gateway to the great lakes region.

Kainerugaba Muhoozi, exhumes antiquity of wisdom, just only his appearance, makes all world leaders nod with affirmation

Kainerugaba Muhoozi, a Product of Divine excellence, by nature and stature, solves Puzzles with clarity and ease

Kainerugaba Muhoozi, navigator of the ages, General of the millennium, we surely love you with Passion!!
Ku Sema Pamoja Namajirani, Tutaishi Kwa Amani

( The author Mathias Lutwama is Deputy RDC-Gulu District 0786372301)

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