18+! Secrets Why Most Ugandan Men Crave For Curvaceous Bummed Women


Curvy refers to the shape or feminine curves of the woman body when it looks attractive regardless of the size of the body.

Why do men crave curvy women you ask? Here’s what I’ve learnt.

1. They look like they’ll give birth to healthy kids in the future.

Historically, women with fuller figures have been more successful at giving birth to and raising healthy children. Especially when people get to the age where marriage and kids are on their minds, try to strive to look healthy, rather than prioritizing heavy dieting.

2. Men see girls with curves as a more feminine body shape.

This particular reason is a no-brainer because most people, including women, consider a woman with soft and rounded curves as more feminine than a woman with a leaner shape. Even in this age and time that physical fitness, gyming, and ketogenesis are receiving wide acceptance, many men still prefer women with dips and curves.

3. Full curves are undeniably sexy.

Men often feel instinctively drawn to a full-figured woman. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your curves a little, and have fun experimenting with fashion choices that accentuate what you have, like a low cut top that shows just a bit of cleavage.

4. There is something cute about the movements of someone who is new to exercise.

If a woman is still new to her workout regimen and has trouble keeping up, that genuine-looking effort and uncoordinated movement can look cute to a guy who is interested in her. While learning your new sport or activity, a guy might find it doubly cute if you ask for his help in learning some tips and tricks to be a better athlete.

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5. There is something comforting and motherly about curvy women.

Some men had the impression that women who are curvier seem more loving and accepting. Whether it be by kindly overlooking a partner’s small mistakes, or by listening to their partner’s problems, curvy women leave an impression that they can accept and manage any situation that comes their way.

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