MUSEVENI: I Named My Son Muhoozi Which Means Vengeance, Such That When Someone Wrongs Me He Avenges


President Museveni has once again wondered why murder suspects continue to be granted bail notwithstanding overwhelming evidence against the accused.

Speaking during the launch of the new law year 2022 at the High Court in Kampala, Museveni said that granting bail to murder suspects will eventually discourage security agencies from arresting the suspects and resort to shooting them dead since they know that the suspects even if arrested would still be released.

“When we took over power, I told my constituency that no extrajudicial killing, no looting, no raping, no corruption/ embezzlement, no provoking people by insulting.

“I’ve been quarreling about this issue of bail. It’s a provocation. In my culture, when you wrong me, my clan has a duty to avenge. That’s why when my son was born, I named him Muhoozi which means vengeance, such that when someone wrongs me he avenges,” Museveni said.

However, he advised the three organs of government (Executive, Parliament, and Judiciary) to agree on the bailable offences.

“The judiciary also has some problems. There are some wrong elements in the judiciary. The Constitution says bail may be given. Someone kills another and you give them bail, really! Don’t provoke people into mob justice

I am mobilizing. You will get a very big demonstration here in Kampala by the wealth creators. They are tired of thieves. Some are arrested and given bail,” he said.

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